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18 of your favourite memories of South Africa

Oct 25, 2021

Memories are the innermost photos you save, cherish and nurture. It is the treasures we hide deep inside our souls to keep our hearts warm when the longing becomes too much.

We recently asked our friends abroad what their favourite memories about South Africa are. Here are the top 18 memories.

  • The smell of red soil before the rain starts falling.
  • Our people.
  • Bushveld sunset.

Filter coffee and condensed milk with a rusk, beside a fire that was rekindled early in the morning from the ashes of last night’s fire.

  • Real Tannie’s koeksisters.
  • When milk used to be delivered at the front door.
  • When I could still buy a grade 1 beef hindquarter for R75,00.
  • As a young girl on horseback visiting my friend three farms away from us.
  • Afrikaans – no other language has such a wonderful word as “sommer”.
  • Fountains in Pretoria, enjoying a picnic and the train ride.
  • Church bells on a Sunday.
  • A visit to my Gran in Nelspruit with pap, crackling and eggs.
  • Highveld thunderstorms.

Waffle and a milkshake at Milky Lane and then also a movie and ice-skating at Sterland with a nice meal afterwards in Sunnypark at House of Coffees.

  • Hadidas on a Saturday morning
  • Sundays’ silence.
  • The sound of pigeons waking you in the morning.
  • My friends and family.
  • Did we miss something? Send us an email and tell us about your favourite memory of South Africa at
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