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AfriForum addresses mine application at the Kruger National Park

Feb 8, 2022

The civil rights organisation AfriForum noted with concern that Manzolwandle Investments (Pty) Ltd intends to mine coal in an area of approximately 87 000 ha close to Komatipoort and the Kruger National Park. The organisation’s legal team wrote a letter to Manzolwandle Investments (Pty) Ltd to register the organisation as an interested and affected party, as well as to provide all information regarding their application.

AfriForum laid criminal charges in 2019 against Singo Consulting (Pty) Ltd – who acted as consultants for Manzolwandle Investments (Pty) Ltd – after they allegedly committed fraud in the form of plagiarism in their environmental impact assessment. They then also brought an application to start a coal mine on an 18 000 ha area close to the Kruger National Park.

The organisation is currently busy with a court application against Barbara Crecy, Minister of Environmental Affairs, regarding mining activities. Manzolwandle Investments (Pty) Ltd was also added to this case.

“If they go ahead with this application and mining does take place in the area, it will have enormous disadvantageous and destructive consequences for the immediate environment, the Crocodile River and other water sources, nature reserves, wildlife, the road network in Mpumalanga and agricultural activities. AfriForum will not look on while these illegal mining activities destroy the country,”

says Lambert De Klerk, AfriForum’s Manager for Environmental Affairs.
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