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AfriForum petitions parliament regarding reckless proposed tax legislation

Aug 26, 2021

AfriForum today submitted a petition in terms of the parliamentary rules at parliament that points out the danger of the Green Paper for social security and the Immigration Tax Amendment Bill. The organisation demands in the petition that both pieces of legislation be withdrawn immediately in areas in which the South African government will face a tax protest.

According to Johan Kruger, Head of Community Development at AfriForum, it is important that the ANC be notified formally according to parliamentary processes of the dangers that the continuous attempts to push through the two pieces of legislation will present to South Africa. “We need to formally place our concern on record in terms of parliamentary processes. We are using this petition to formally ask that the two pieces of legislation be withdrawn by lack of which South Africa is standing on the verge of a tax protest. We are not necessarily expecting reaction from a stubborn ANC but must formally and for record purposes submit our concern and demand at parliament so that the history will show that we did everything possible to stop the ANC from continuing with steps that will unleash a tax protest.”

According to Kruger, AfriForum has since the announcement of these two pieces of legislation been swamped by fed-up taxpayers that clearly indicates that tax resistance becomes a just option when the government is actively governing against its citizens and wants to slit the throats of taxpayers. “The ANC is shutting its ears, appeasing the masses and is hoping that taxpayers will continue to pay for the ANC’s failures. The ANC has no idea of the determination of taxpayers to be further taxed to fund the ANC’s failures.”

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