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AfriForum requests explanation from Google for discrepancies in anti-minority discrimination in South Africa search results

Jul 2, 2021

The South African civil rights organisation AfriForum directed a letter to Dr Alistair Mokoena, Country Director of Google South Africa. AfriForum requests an explanation for what appears to be Google suppressing relevant articles on its search engine that deal with anti-minority racism and/or racial discrimination in South Africa.

This discrepancy came to AfriForum’s attention via an investigative article by PoliticsWeb on the comparison of results between Google search engines versus other search engines for search strings such as anti-white racism in South Africa, anti-white racial discrimination in South Africa or discrimination against whites in South Africa. Further investigation into this matter will be conducted with the help of specialists.

“Discrimination against and racism towards white South Africans and other minority groups are undeniable facts. It is worrisome that relevant and well-researched sources and articles on the issue do not appear in Google search results. This has real-world effects regarding the fostering of misconceptions and promoting misinformation,” says Ernst van Zyl, Campaign Officer for strategy and content at AfriForum.

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