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Afrikaner Foundation and AfriForum embarking on support raising tour to the United States

Jul 5, 2024

Representatives of the newly established Afrikaner Foundation and AfriForum depart for the United States today to participate in various events and raise awareness of the situation in South Africa, and how people abroad can play a supportive role to ensure a future for the Afrikaner community at the southern tip of the African continent. On this trip, Dr Ernst Roets, Head of Policy at the Solidarity Movement and Executive Director of the Afrikaner Foundation, will be joined by Ernst van Zyl, Head of Public Relations at AfriForum.

During this trip, Roets and Van Zyl will speak at various events, including the upcoming National Conservatism Conference (NatCon 4) in Washington DC and an event in New York City to launch the Afrikaner Foundation. NatCon is one of the biggest international political conferences in the world.

The Afrikaner Foundation is an institution that forms part of the Solidarity Movement in South Africa, with the aim of enabling international cooperation and support for the Afrikaner people. The Foundation also seeks to take up the Afrikaner people’s rightful place in the international community and to contribute to the international community with a particular focus on preserving Western tradition among Afrikaners and Westerners in South Africa. The Solidarity Movement is a network of institutions aimed at ensuring a safe, free and prosperous future for the Afrikaner people at the southern tip of the African continent. The activities of the Afrikaner Foundation are directed at achieving tangible outcomes outside of South Africa, which include the signing and implementation of cooperation agreements, the influencing of policy with regard to South Africa and fundraising for the activities of the Solidarity Movement in South Africa. The civil rights organisation AfriForum, part of the Solidarity Movement, has a particular focus on decentralized, community-based solutions.

Roets and Van Zyl will provide continuous feedback on social media about their progress in the United States.

Photo: Dr. Ernst Roets is the executive director of the Afrikaner Foundation. (Photo: Reint Dykema)

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