Worldwide’s World Guide is as truly South African as freshly baked farm bread and wild watermelon jam. The World Guide is a network of South African expats and their businesses where other South Africans can feel at home and enjoy old favourites in a new environment. Each week the Worldwide team chooses one of the businesses that are listed in the World Guide to appear in the Spotlight. This week the spotlight falls on Frank Pretorius Art in London.

Frank Pretorius is a mixed medium artist who has been painting all his life, sharing vivid recollections of how he used to slide underneath his parents’ bed to draw a secret world of characters, adding a new figure to the story every chance he got. After moving to London, Frank decided to take the leap and paint full time.

Passionate about telling stories, Frank uses his talent to give a voice to that which has none. Whether it’s the lost Porsche 550A Spyder, or endangered wildlife in Africa, he is always chasing the pictures behind the story.

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