The first time Sarah saw Big Bear was on a school outing. He looked just like Mr T, her teddy, only much, much bigger. Big Bear looked sad. So Sarah started talking to him. “Don’t be sad,” she said softly. “I’m here.” She told him he was not alone. She told him not to worry and she told him secrets that nobody else knew.
When Sarah went home that afternoon, there were suitcases and boxes in the hallway. She heard angry voices. Then Daddy drove away in his car.
“Don’t worry, darling,” Mum said. “You and I are going to be just fine.”
That night Sarah couldn’t sleep. What happened next? Someone climbed through her window! “Don’t be sad,” said a soft voice. “I’m here.”
There was Big Bear! Soon they were having loads of adventures together!
Big Bear is a proudly South African book. It is a sensitive, moving story about a child’s experience of divorce and loss, as well as the wonderful healing power of the imagination and stories.

Big Bear
Wendy Hartmann
Illustrations: Zinelda McDonald
9780799389203 (English)

This post is also available in: Afrikaans


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