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Business in die Spotlight: Meat Point Switzerland

Dec 6, 2021

Worldwide’s World Guide creates a successful network for South Africans abroad to get in touch with each other in order to support South African businesses in their area. 

Take the chance and become part of this network. It is also a valuable way of building a support network for those days when the longing for a good South African wine, socialising around a braai and the indispensable South African hospitality becomes too much.

The World Guide currently consists of more than a thousand businesses, from lawyers in New Zealand to a South African restaurant in Texas.

This week’s business in the Spotlight is Meat Point in Switzerland.

Not just another expat grocery store, neither an ordinary deli, nor a boring wine boutique. At Meat Point we sell boerewors, bacon, biltong, droëwors, pies, fresh Swiss meat and more. It is made by hand in Switzerland, using traditional methods and recipes on locally sourced meat.

In partnership with Closwa, we manufacture beef biltong and other dried products in Namibia and import it to Switzerland and the EU.

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