Worldwide’s World Guide is as proudly South African as ouma’s milk tart. Not only can you find a biltong shop near you but you can also find people who will understand your South African English when you are explaining your problems, this can be really helpful especially when you’re looking for the right words to explain your tooth ache etcetera. Each week we at Worldwide chooses one of the businesses on the guide to appear in the Spotlight. This week we take a look at Broadwater Dental in Southport, Australia.

Remember when you would lose a tooth and you would place it in your slipper and wait for the tooth mouse to come and give you a rand or two in exchange for that tooth? Well, adult teeth are not as simple as pulling it out and waiting for the tooth mouse, that’s why it’s better to find a dentist who understands your needs and can help you.

At Broadwater Dental they believe that the best form of dentistry is the non-intrusive kind that doesn’t leave the patient in agony and hysterics.

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