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Business in the Spotlight: Lekker Saffa Spaza

Jun 8, 2020

It’s challenging to adapt in a new country. Everything is different and to find your favourite South African products can be quite an adventure, luckily Worldwide is here to help. Worldwide’s World Guide is unique, here you can find a gathering of South African businesses from all around the world creating a network of South Africans abroad. Each week the team at Worldwide chooses one business from the guide to make an appearance in the spotlight, this week the spotlight shines on Lekker Saffa Spaza in South Korea.

South Korea is approximately 13 000 km away from South Africa. 13 000 km stands between you and all your favourite South African snacks, luckily Lekker Saffa Spaza has made it their mission to keep South Africans in South Korea happy and stocked up on all their South African favourites. Lekker Saffa Spaza has everything, snacks, books, gifts and clothing!

Lekker Saffa Spaza isn’t afraid to walk the extra mile to make sure that you feel right at home. All you have to do is to place your order and their team will deliver your South African package right to your doorstep.

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