If you live abroad and tend to get a bit emotional when thinking back to the evenings in the Bushveld with potjiekos simmering over the fire, then Worldwide’s World Guide is just what you need. The World Guide will somewhat suppress the longing back home; even though it’s not a campfire in the Bushveld, it’s close enough. Each week Worldwide chooses a business from the guide to appear in the Spotlight. This week’s business in the Spotlight is Lekker Stuff Entertainment in New Zealand.

There are few things as enjoyable as turning on the radio and hearing music in a language that you grew up with and that is exactly the type of familiarity that Lekker Stuff Entertainment’s Karisma Nel wanted to bring to the South African expats in New Zealand. She did it so well that Lekker Stuff Entertainment walked away with the title of Best Community Music Program in any Language at the 2018 New Zealand Radio Awards.

Music is the universal language that everyone understands and it has the power to bring communities together, that is why it is so important to support initiatives like Lekker Stuff Entertainment who do their part in bringing people together to form a community.

Here is a little bit more information on Lekker Stuff Entertainment:

Lekker Stuff is an award winning South African radio show/podcast based in New Zealand.
In addition to radio, Lekker Stuff also branches out to #lekkerevents#lekkermerch, and most recently, #lekkertv.
Lekker Stuff is the ultimate South African experience.
Karisma Nel, the woman behind Lekker Stuff, studied commercial broadcasting at the NZ School of Radio in Tauranga. Being incredibly passionate about the South African culture, she noticed a huge hunger for South African entertainment in New Zealand, and decided to start Lekker Stuff. It has been well received by the South African community in New Zealand, and took the title of Best Community Music Show in Any Language at the 2018 NZ Radio Awards.
Lekker Stuff has been involved in many successful South African events in New Zealand. The brand represents the South African culture and language in the New Zealand media industry.
Lekker Stuff is associated with huge South African brands like Showmax.
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