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Business in the Spotlight: Maid in heaven

Apr 28, 2021

Maid in heaven provides cleaning services, specialising in ovens, BBQ’s and microwaves.

The Maid in heaven range of products is all handmade on the Hibiscus Coast using only nature’s best. The products are scented only with pure, supercharged essential oils. It contains no fillers, chemicals, synthetics or artificial fragrances, only premium quality base ingredients like baking soda, Castile soap and coconut oil.

These ready-to-use products may not look, smell or feel like something off the supermarket shelf, but they are far better for the environment and our health.

Through my website, I aim to educate and share ideas for eliminating nasty chemicals from your home and keeping your well-used, often forgotten appliances clean.

Does your oven need a deep cleaning? We use essential citrus oils to lift grime and grease from your oven. We unscrew the backplate, take off the fan and take out the wire racks, side racks and side plates to clean each oven completely on the inside. We soak all these parts and scrub them until they are squeaky clean.

While the parts are soaking, we apply a paste to the inside of your oven and start scrubbing. We take your oven door off, if possible, and remove all pieces of grime inside the door. Then we scrub the racks and reassemble the oven. Be assured, you will have a sparkling clean oven.

Get in touch with Maid in heaven:


Telephone: 021 0856 6734

Click here to visit Maid in heaven’s website.

Click here to visit Maid in heaven on Facebook.

Click here to visit Maid in heaven on Worldwide’s World Guide.


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