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Business in the Spotlight: Netvleish Meat Club

Jul 8, 2024

This week’s spotlight is on Netvleish Meat Club in Canada. Netvleish Meat Club is listed on Worldwide’s World Guide free of charge. AfriForum Worldwide’s World Guide is where South African businesses from around the world come together to form a community. This way they become part of this wonderful networking opportunity.

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Netvleish is doing well here on our farm, located between Dawson Creek and Fort St. John in BC, Canada. Our top-quality South African fresh and dry meat products keep our customers chewing! We are a family business where customers become friends and eventually become part of the larger SAFFA family. So, you have an uncle on a farm in Canada!

We not only ensure that SAFFAS are provided with the best biltong, dry wors, cabanossi, chilli bites and chutney sticks so that they have provisions for the next rugby get-together, but we also supply SAFFAS with enough to be able to braai, like our original Kromdraai boerewors, the most amazing bazaar kebabs, flavoursome cheese sausage, well-known chakalaka sausage and the very best kasegrillers in the whole world.

We treat every piece of meat as if it were for someone we consider a potential friend and who can become part of our big family. We do not just simply make another piece of biltong, we add a little bit of love. For us, every product that leaves our door is an invitation card with the words, “You are welcome in this family”. That is also why the Guaché’s present the Netvleish farmer’s festival here on our farm every year. It is a thank-you event where we treat everyone to the best meat, pap and gravy in Canada for free.

On AfriForum Worldwide’s World Guide you not only become part of a business network, it is also a valuable way of building a support network for those days when the longing becomes too much and everyone just seems too far away.

Help your business grow, use this link and make sure your business gets listed on Worldwide’s World Guide.

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Click here to visit the Netvleish Meat Club website.

Click here for Netvleish Meat Club on AfriForum Worldwide’s World Guide.

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