Worldwide’s World Guide attempt to link you up with the things you need most. The guide therefore focuses not only on shops and restaurant where you can enjoy top-quality South African products, but also you can obtain professional services or support other South Africans. Safety is at the top of the list of this week’s Business in the Spotlight. They operate in seven countries around the world and wants to promote safe firefighting as far and wide as possible. Read on to learn more about Protect-o-Burn.

Protect-o-Burn has grown from humble beginnings in South Africa in 2003 to operations that serve three continents, and with representation on five continents. In-house engineering, installation and maintenance ensure the highest quality and consistency throughout. We design, supply, install and maintain unique, tried-and-trusted fire protection solutions using innovation, emergency response vehicles and portable equipment that solve several logistical problems.

Don’t fear it – FIGHT it!

Is more than just a catchy slogan to us.

It’s understanding that a courageous person must sometimes put their life on the line to protect property or save the life of another, and that it’s our responsibility to equip them with their very best chance of doing it safely and successfully.

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