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Business in the Spotlight: Savanna Adventurers

Sep 13, 2021

To adjust in a new country is a challenge, luckily Worldwide is there to help you. Become part of a network of South Africans abroad. Networks are not only for businesses; it is also a valuable way to build a support base for the days when the longing for sunshine, braaivleis and a caring hug from a family member becomes too much.

Worldwide’s World Guide is where South African businesses from across the world come together to form a community. The World Guide currently has 1 000 businesses, from Afrikaans doctors in New Zealand to biltong shops in London.

You can list your business free on Worldwide’s interactive guide. In this way you get the necessary exposure to become part of a wonderful network opportunity!  This week’s business in the Spotlight is Savanna Adventurers in the United Kingdom.

An African inspired clothing line that little adventurers can enjoy wearing. The first ‘Wild at Heart’ range is inspired by magical Africa and the animals that roam the savanna. “To us, the clothes are not just pieces of fabric, but rather pieces of our heart and original home placed on wonderful wardrobe essentials in which your little ones can experience their own adventures.”

Contact Savanna Adventurers:
Email address:
Click here to visit Savanna Adventurers on Facebook.
Click here to visit Savanna Adventurers on Worldwide’s World Guide.

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