Worldwide’s World Guide is unique! It is as authentically South African as having melktert and coffee at grandma’s house on a Sunday. Our World Guide has the details of South African businesses abroad, like restaurants where you can enjoy an authentic South African meal, shops where you can buy al your favourite South African products, and many, many more. The Worldwide team chooses one of these businesses every week to make an appearance in the Spotlight. This week the business in the Spotlight is Tannie Stienie se Kombuis (Aunt Stienie’s Kitchen) in the Netherlands.

Tannie Stienie se Kombuis was started by two sisters-in-law who both grew up in small towns in South Africa. After finding themselves in the Netherlands, they found that they long for true malva pudding and milktart, tasty boerewors and other homemade South African goodies. They decided to bring their love for lekker South African food to their new home in the Netherlands and they show no signs of stopping anytime soon!

If you also reside in the Netherlands and you already feel your mouth watering just at the thought of delicious milktart then look no further than Tannie Stienie se Kombuis. Take a look at their website and buy all the delicious food and puddings your heart desires!

Visit Tannie Stienie se Kombuis’ website here

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