There are few things as proudly South African as Worldwide’s World Guide. Here we bring South African owned businesses abroad together under one convenient platform to help you to feel at home in a new country. Every week Worldwide chooses one of these businesses to appear in the Spotlight. This week we look at Tony’s Quality Meat in Australia.

One of the first things South Africans abroad longs for from South Africa is good quality boerewors an dbiltong, something that is not as easily found abroad as it is in SOuth Africa. Luckily there is a butchery like Tony’s Quality Meat where you can buy authent South African meat products.

Here is their story:

We produce all kinds of meat products including our speciality South African products like boerewors and biltong. Tony’s Quality Meat is a family owned business which is dedictaed to supplying the highest quality  Australian Meat products through out Austral Asia. We are from a  South African background and would love to share the flavours of South Africa with as many people as possible. Biltong is a cured meat product, similar to Beef Jerky although much better tasting and higher quality meat.

At Tony’s you can find a wide variety of meat, biltong and even different flavours of boerewors like chillie boerewors or even cheese boerewors. So, what are you waiting for? Pay them a visit to get your meat supplies for your next braai!

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