by Karen Jordaan

We live in Prince George in British-Columbia, Canada. We have lived in Frobisher in Saskatchewan, Canada (45 km from Estevan and 20 km from the USA border of North Dakota) for six years after having moved to Canada at the end of February 2007.

We like to camp if the opportunity presents itself and I’d like to share a few photo’s of the provincial parks where we have camped before.  

The provincial parks of British-Columbia are all under provincial management and mostly offer no facilities except maybe flush toilets and central ablution facilities. There are no water and electricity connections for campers that other resorts offer. You have to bring your own water and gas to braai and cook – and you may only use a generator for two hours in the mornings and another two in the afternoon.

Your camping site should always be bear-friendly, as these creatures are always in the vicinity – although we have only seen one on the road to a camp about three weeks ago. You have to take care that all your food is packed away, that your rubbish has been dumped in special containers, and many more other such measures.

Paarens Beach

At Paarens Beach you can literally stand at the water’s edge!

Situated on the southwestern shores of the Stuart Lake in British-Columbia, this lovely little provincial park seems to be unknown to anyone but the few people within its vicinity. The peaceful camping site, outstretched shores and boat slipway present the ideal basis from which you can explore the rich history and enjoy the legion of recreational opportunities around the Stuart Lake and the close-by Fort St. James community.



Whiskers Point Provincial Park

These photos were taken at Whiskers Point (130 km north of Prince George) on the McLeod Lake in British-Columbia.

The park offers a welcome stay-over to families who are on extended holidays. You can camp right on the water’s edge in this quiet, lush park on a peninsula in the historic lake. There is ample seclusion and a southern exposure – one of the reasons why campers are absolutely crazy about the breath-taking sunsets there.

This was our second visit to the camp site. And obviously you have a completely different experience with little Xander, our grandson, who are always on the go either on his own two legs or his scooter!

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