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Expropriation: President Ramaphosa must send Bill back to the National Assembly, AfriForum demands

Apr 18, 2024

The civil rights organisation AfriForum’s legal team today sent a letter to President Cyril Ramaphosa requesting that the President send the controversial Expropriation Bill back to the National Assembly (NA) for reconsideration of its constitutionality. This comes after the Bill was passed by the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) in March, after which it was approved by a majority in the NA. The final decision on this Bill now rests with the office of the President – with Ramaphosa’s signature.

In the letter, AfriForum’s legal team outlines the unconstitutionality of the Expropriation Bill. As contained in this letter, AfriForum’s requests to Ramaphosa are as follows:

  1. The President is requested to exercise his powers in terms of Section 84(2)(b) of the Constitution by referring the Bill back to the NA for reconsideration of its constitutionality.
  2. Should the President decline the request, he is requested to provide full reasons for the decision.
  3. In such an event, AfriForum requests an opportunity to make further submissions to the President’s office before he decides to assent to and sign the Bill.

According to Ernst van Zyl, AfriForum’s Head of Public Relations, the historical record shows that AfriForum has been an ardent opponent every step of the way of the unconstitutional Expropriation Bill that threatens private property rights in South Africa.

“We cannot allow the government to have the power to just grab any property they want. If the President were to sign this unconstitutional Bill, AfriForum will be the first organisation to take the government to court if it tries to expropriate property without compensation,” Van Zyl concludes.

AfriForum invites its members and the public to join the organisation in the fight for private property rights. Visit for more information.

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