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AfriForum Worldwide – Help us build a global community where you can feel at home

Jun 19, 2024

Even if you live far away, you are still family. Your roots and your ties may stretch across continents, but the heart of your heritage beats here in the land where you were born.

Staying connected is important, wherever we may be. AfriForum Worldwide keeps you involved with your culture, language and civil rights initiatives.

AfriForum is committed to strengthening our safety structures. With 172 neighbourhood watches all over South Africa, we unite against crime, protecting our communities in towns, cities and on farms; and we are building a network of safety and support. AfriForum works non-stop, trying to ensure a safe and prosperous future for your family and friends who still live here. Our trauma unit offers unique support to the victims of violent crime, including farm murders.  These are just some of AfriForum’s campaigns and activities – if you want to know more, click here.   

Help us to build towards a safer, prospective and sustainable future together. Your roots remain deep in Africa’s soil, and your contribution makes a difference. Become part of the AfriForum team where every South African worldwide can feel proud, and where we can find workable solutions for challenges to ensure that our community can continue to survive at the southernmost tip of Africa.

Join AfriForum as an international member – together we are stronger.

AfriForum Worldwide – wherever you go, you remain a part of this family.


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