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Join us for a ride in the Kruger National Park

May 24, 2021

It is time again to pack your picnic basket and join us for a virtual drive from Orpen Camp, past Nsemani Dam, then northwards in the Mopani region, past Shingwedzi and then southwards once more.

See how many species you can identify. The jackal pup definitely is a darling!

Unfortunately, plans for a coal mine on the doorstep of the reserve are still going ahead. Here you can read more about AfriForum’s actions to prevent it and how the public can support us.

The footage for our game drive was provided by Katie and André of Two-V Productions. We thank them for their great videos. Please subscribe to their YouTube channel and follow their Facebook page. Books in their Op Vlerke series can be ordered from Kraal Uitgewers. The books, which are only available in Afrikaans, can also be found at shops in rest camps of the Kruger National Park.

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