Firstly, I want to apologise for having been so quiet the past ten weeks. As you know by now, my family and I permanently moved back to South Africa at the beginning of February and now live in Centurion (because Pretoria is 30 minutes too far from the Free State!).

At the same time the Klipkouers podcast became the first Afrikaans programme on CliffCentral.

We also have a new sponsor, named EXAH. Listen to my interview, The men of EXAH, to hear how they go about to grow businesses with 30% or more.

This means that I will be in the CliffCentral studio in Rivonia each week, where I can chat live to Afrikaans entrepreneurs and impact makers. Of course, I will continue to locate overseas Klipkouers to whom I can chat via Skype.

I am also involved in a commercial green Canadian cleaning product named InnuScience, that our English company (VanBroc) have been using for six years. More on this later.

I am truly thankful to be back in my own country and among my own people, especially for the privilege to show places to my children as “tour guide”, to let them taste nice food and desserts (melkkos!) and to tell them stories that make up a special and important part of my younger years.

In the coming weeks I will tell you a bit more about why we came back and of course how we currently experience the day to day living in South Africa after 14 years in England. There is indeed a reality to South Africa that doesn’t always taste like condensed milk and filter coffee, and that includes us Afrikaners.

Enjoy the rest of the week and remember: Never say die!



This post is also available in: Afrikaans

Jacques Basson
Jacques Basson
After a wonderful childhood in Riebeeckstad and many years at the Kovsie campus to perfect my pool game (half-truth) and complete a business degree, my corporate sales and marketing career started with the Coca-Cola Company in 1999.
Coca-Cola’s management development programme, Kusile, quickly developed by business expertise and five additional companies and senior roles in South Africa and England later – for among others Parmalat, Ecolab, Luxottica and Polaroid Eyewear – I started a commercial cleaning company, VanBroc Cleaning, in 2007, followed by a joint venture with a commercial cleaning company in Austin, Texas in 2012.
After 14 years in England my family and I moved back to South Africa early in 2018 and we currently reside in Centurion.
Of course, Klipkouers podcast is the new baby in the business family and I need your help raising the child!

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