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Wat die see gesien het

Teks en illustrasies: Tom Percival

Vertaler: Jaco Jacobs

Ouderdom: 3+

ISBN: 9780799389562


This is the Afrikaans translation of the achingly beautiful book The Sea Saw. Nobody is too old or too young to appreciate a story about a teddy bear that goes missing. Fortunately the sea saw!

Hokaai, Lulu

Fanie Viljoen

Illustrasies: Elsbeth Eksteen

Ouderdom: 7+

ISBN: 9780799389371


Lulu wants to be a fashion designer. In each of these wonderful books, Lulu has to face a number of challenges to design and create her imaginative fashion. Fortunately she is strong willed, and that is why the first three books in this series have sold over 18 000 copies.

Thomas@ Omnibus 1

Carina Diedericks-Hugo

Ouderdom: 11+

ISBN: 9780799391091


More than 180 000 copies of this wonderful series have already been sold. LAPA has now created a collection containing the first three books in the Thomas@ series.

In die sterre geskryf

Frenette van Wyk

ISBN: 9780799391565


Against her will, Papillon finds herself on a pirate ship that is attacked by other pirates. Her love is shattered and she takes an oath to exact revenge on the captain.

Splinters van liefde

Alma Carstens

ISBN: 9780799391596


This omnibus is a compilation of three of Alma Carstens’ previous Romanzas, Kaapse draai, Tyd sal leer and Luca se obsessie.

Want die hart weet

Elsa Winckler

ISBN: 9780799391992


Simoné likes living her life according to a strict schedule, but her attraction to Wessel Barendse doesn’t follow the script. Her heart also doesn’t stand a chance against her godmother who attempts to play Cupid. When Wessel smiles, her vulnerable heart falls into his hands.

Perfek vir my

Marilé Cloete

ISBN: 9780799392029


Cassie has a desire to fight with Francois Durandt. She cannot understand it. Since their first meeting, a devil starts dancing on her shoulder every time he is in the area; or could they rather be butterflies?

In sy arms

Felicia Snyman

ISBN: 9780799392050

R 90,00

Delia can’t believe her unwilling Samaritan is Adriaan Bromberg, her niece’s academic advisor. She is very attracted to him, but he is burdened by his childhood. Will he let go of the past and create a place for her in his life?

Toe vind ek jou

Ilze Beukes

ISBN: 9780799392081


Olivia is determined to meet her biological father, but her new manager, Jean-Luc, is annoyingly attractive and he distracts her. She soon discovers that love never leads one astray.

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