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Jeanette Ferreira

Literêre fiksie



In 1838 the Voortrekker leader Piet Retief goes to the Zulu King to negotiate land for the Trekkers. Nearly two centuries later, Hanna goes in search of the tracks left behind by Retief’s wife, Magdalena. Hanna’s husband is an expert witness in modern-day land-claims courts, making this novel a multi-layered but readable literary work about our complex country.



Vita du Preez




Eggo’s is a compassionate story of a mother and daughter who each has to find their feet in their own way. Bea and Nel have a weak mother-daughter relationship and are confronted with difficult challenges before they can reconcile and ultimately find happiness in love.

Peter Church

Peter Church is rocking the USA with a great review of Crackerjack, his latest, in the New York Journal of books. Here is the link:

Catalyst Press and LAPA have just received new editions of his previous crime novels, Dark Video and Bitter Pill.

Dark Video

Peter Church




A minibus taxi flipping spectacularly on its head; two teenagers engaged in illicit sex in a shopping-mall rest room; a raunchy table dance in a Cape Town strip club … What do these scenes have to do with a beautiful young woman running through Newlands Forest early on a Sunday morning?Alistair Morgan is the key. A gifted law student with a glittering career in the offing, Alistair seems to have it all: looks, charm and money – and the attention of the hottest girls on campus. But his privileged lifestyle is about to be turned upside down as he is lured deeper and deeper into the sinister online world of Dark Video, where reality blurs and morals unravel.From the ominous slopes of Table Mountain and the murky depths of False Bay to a dusty Karoo farm and the limestone cliffs of Arniston, Dark Video is an intense thriller that will keep you spellbound from the word go.

This is the book that had made Peter Church a name to remember. We are happy to publish a new edition, together with Bitter Pill and his brand-new novel, Crackerjack.

The book got rave reviews, like this one from Philipa on Goodreads: “Oh my word. This book was hectic! I don’t know if it was more hectic because it was set in Cape Town so most of the locations were very familiar to me or just because it simply is a hectic story. Sheesh, I was hooked.”


Bitter Pill

Peter Church




Inside the heaving party hub that is Cape Town’s student playground, someone is preying on the young and unwary. As allegations of drink spiking and illicit sex hit the local papers, university authorities move quickly to limit the damage …

A world away in Seattle, Carlos De Palma, shadowy operator behind Dark Video, is plotting his survival strategy in the ever-changing internet landscape. With his precious clients clamouring for heightened thrills, Carlos begins tapping into a new service that blurs the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds …

Enter Robbie Cullen, nice guy and average student, dumped by his girlfriend and struggling with grades. But when it comes to the crunch, Robbie doesn’t know the meaning of stepping back. Once he encounters the beautiful and mysterious Fallon, his small-town bravado is set to make him some powerful enemies.

Bitter Pill is a gripping thriller that sweeps through the intoxicating haunts of Cape Town’s nightlife and lingers on the sugary sand of Plettenberg Bay – before exploding on the streets of the Mother City’s exclusive southern suburbs.

Bitter Pill was on the Long List for the Sunday Times Fiction Prize. It cemented Peter Church’s following in Australia.

In November 2011 Gillian Hurst from The Drum said Bitter Pill is “an adrenalin-laced, gritty plot (that) will keep you furiously turning pages long after your bedtime”.



Kanker schmanker!

Madelein Rust




Kanker schmanker! equips breast cancer warriors with information that is not always readily available. It also helps to give their loved ones a better comprehension of the journey with cancer. It is a book of hope and triumph that makes the reader cry and laugh out loud.

Boodskapper van die gode

Murray la Vita




Boodskapper van die gode is a selection from the award-winning journalist Murray la Vita’s columns, sketches and essays. His unique writing style provides an unusual perspective in the 104 pieces in this compilation.

Afrikaans+ Everything you need to obtain top marks

Liesbet Gelderblom, Kathie Viljoen, Marieta Nel, Adinda Vermaak, Alet Mihálik, Izak de Vries

Study guide



What sets this book apart?

  • It is in line with the very latest AWS (2017), in contrast to most grammar books based on previous versions of the AWS that are now outdated.
  • Each chapter is backed by free online support that gets updated as changes occur.
  • Each chapter starts with a very basic summary – a lifebuoy to help the struggling learner to pass.
  • Each chapter shows the learner, teacher or parent how the work gets tested in the DBE or IEB system, so that the learner knows how to prepare accordingly.
  • The book contains lists with hundreds of important words, which will help the learner and teacher with vocabulary and spelling. Each Afrikaans word has the English word next to it, making this a one-stop guide for additional-language learners and practitioners.
  • It contains examples of all the written and oral assessments learners may encounter, including examples of modern developments such as blogs and vlogs, and tips on completing these assignments.
  • QR codes can be found in each chapter that will direct the learner to frequently-updated online examples, additional guidance and often additional drill work, a large chunk of which is completely free.

There are many Afrikaans study guides available. This one is up to date with the latest Afrikaans grammar rules, according to the latest AWS; it works within the guidelines of both the DBE and the IEB; it contains up-to-date examples, vocabulary lists, and free online help.

A large team of authors have worked on this book: Liesbet Gelderblom, Kathie Viljoen, Marieta Nel, Adinda Vermaak, Alet Mihálik and Izak de Vries. Each of them has a teaching background. They teamed up with industry experts to create a unique, learner-centred book.


Kinder- en Jeugboeke | Books for kids and young adults

Die Groot treë-reeks

The Big Steps series is designed to help young children deal with new or everyday experiences in their lives such as bedtime, nursery school, going to the doctor or practising good manners.

Ek wil nie slaap nie



Klaar met doeke



Ek gaan kleuterskool toe



Ons kry ’n baba



Ons gaan dokter toe



Kan jy asseblief sê?



Die Groot Jaco Jacobs-storieboek

Jaco Jacobs

Illustrasies: Stephen Wallace, Chris Venter, Elsabé Milandri, Gerhard Cruywagen


Ouderdom: 7+



Jaco Jacobs is huge, and that is why LAPA is bringing you this humongous book of stories. Enjoy!

’n Kas vol monsters-omnibus

Jaco Jacobs

Illustrasies: Chris Venter


Ouderdom: 7+



The zombies and other monsters live in the closet in Denver’s room. Open this book of you want to tumble headlong into a monstrous adventure!

Zackie Mostert-omnibus 3

Jaco Jacobs

Illustrasies: Alex van Houwelingen


Ouderdom: 9+



Zackie Mostert is a legend, a bit like Jaco Jacobs. Zackie is younger than Jaco. Together with his friend Vincent and his dog, Frankenstein, they create havoc galore – enough to fill an entire new collection full of Zackie stories.

Stalmaats: Tweede kans

Lize Roux


Ouderdom: 9+



This is one of the most endearing series for tweenies to learn about innocent love and horses.

SSS-omnibus 1

Nerine Ahlers en Alet Steenkamp


Ouderdom: 11+



This is the first collection of stories in this series for young teenage girls to discover the thrills of love and life, without having to blush.

SSS-omnibus 2

Nerine Ahlers en Alet Steenkamp


Ouderdom: 11+



Young teenage girls will enjoy all the thrills of budding romance and friendship without having to hide anything from their parents.

Nova-omnibus 2

Fanie Viljoen


Ouderdom: 11+



After being kidnapped by aliens and discovering Nova-unit’s secret experiments, there are still questions. The last two titles in Fanie Viljoen’s popular, nail-biting science-fiction series are now available in an omnibus: Sterreloper and Eindspel.


Verskeie outeurs


Ouderdom: 16+



Strooisuikerliefde compilation novellas which are fresh, funny and playful – love stories that will make every generation smile!



Magdaleen Walters




Annabeth has a journey to complete, a journey that strips her life of apple pie and fudge and jam tarts. A journey that brings her to the man who plays in his own league.

Goue meisie

Mari Roberts




Thomas, a rude Samaritan, is the first person Melanie meets on the boat taking her to her new life. She also runs into him on the island, but suddenly he is different. She can handle an ill-tempered man, but this new Thomas, playful and relaxed, baffles her.

Elke dag vir altyd

Dina Botha


9780 99392258


The actress Lea has three tasks on her priority list: rest, peace and an African tan. However, she also needs a companion for her grandparents’ sixtieth wedding anniversary, and thus she is standing in front of a recruitment agency. The owner, Human Coetzee, is very attractive, but he is clearly the one man on the planet who does not fall for her charm.

Toskane roep my hart

Malene Breytenbach




In Tuscany Daniela meets the artist Franco Farini, the grandson of an old South African war prisoner, who painted frescoes on the walls of her dream chapel. He is irresistible and sought after, just like his ancestor.

Voor die donker kom

Salomé Schutte




Seventeen years ago, Katrien and her family were forced to leave Kleinplaas. Now it belongs to the mighty Swart family. She longs to see the farm again, as well as renowned writer Chrisjan Swart, whom she remembers from childhood.

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