We start with a book on Afrikaans’ African roots, which is also available in English, take a trip down memory lane with nostalgic food, also available in English, and obviously we spoil the little ones, those who love to read crime fiction and the romance aficionados.


Finding Afrikaans

Christo van Rensburg



Finding Afrikaans, a brand-new book by Christo van Rensburg on the African origins of Afrikaans, is now available.

Where did Afrikaans begin? Who spoke Afrikaans first? Was the Cape really Dutch?

How did the Khoi and the Portuguese trade with each other?

What role did slaves play in the origin of Afrikaans?

What is the influence of townships in Afrikaans?

How did the various treks into the heart of the country affect Afrikaans? The language contact that had followed, even the fear of language contact, is one of Afrikaans’s important stories.

Writing in the Afrikaans language began in different, and interesting, ways, with strong influences from the Islam. Afrikaans’s standardisation is the source of many different and divergent stories.

Dr. Willa Boezak said about Van Rensburg’s previous book: “It had changed my life. It had turned me into a language activist.”

Prof Christo van Rensburg was one of South Africa’s best-known linguists. His work on the dialectic diversity of Afrikaans still sets a standard for others to follow. He retired as a director at the Unit for Academic Literacy at the University of Pretoria. Van Rensburg died while he was reading the page proofs. Prof Hans du Plessis, who had worked with Van Rensburg on many research projects, completed this project on the behest of the Van Rensburg family.

The book is also available in Afrikaans as Van Afrikaans gepraat.


Grootdrukblokraai 2

Ollie Olwagen



These word puzzles were created to be twice the usual size. That means you can rattle your brains without straining your eyes.


Crime Fiction

Soos ’n diep waterkuil

Peet Venter



This crime novel looks at what can go wrong when a vigilante killer is the judge and the executioner. Venter at his best – now with a new detective, Boel Helberg.


Dag drie

Jeanette Stals



This is the third novel in which Luna is the detective. This time fate sends her to Mauritius where someone may well be planning her death.



Clover Food Nostalgia




Do you remember?

Many of us have pleasant memories of food. Smells and flavours often bring back nostalgic thoughts. We often associate a favourite dish with a loved one, or a certain time in our lives.

Sadly, we may remember the dish, but where do we find the recipes? Some recipes have slipped away, together with the person who had always cooked them, others simply got lost.

Clover Food Nostalgia contains 55 recipes which have been researched and developed to recreate the flavours of old. The compilers, at Clover, have chosen their products in such a way that the end product would be reminiscent of another era.

All 55 have dishes have been photographed – and the photos alone may make you hungry.

Clover Food Nostalgia is one of those recipe books that you would want to keep for the next generation. LAPA and Clover are proud to be part of this tasty legacy.

This book is also available in Afrikaans as Clover Onthoukos.


For the young ones

Rondomtalie: Die beste rympies en liedjies van Jaco Jacobs

Jaco Jacobs

Plus: CD wat 30 liedjies bevat

Illustrasies: Karen Ahlschläger

Musiek & Sang: Anna Davel

Ouderdom: 3+



Three of South Africa’s most talented people got together to create rhymes, music and stunning illustrations, all to wow young readers (and older ones!) The CD accompanying the book makes this publication a valuable tool to use when learning Afrikaans.


My eerste boek oor honde

Dorling Kindersley

Niefiksie vir kinders

Ouderdom: 7+



This delightful coproduction from Dorling Kindersley shows dogs in all their splendour in a way that we have come to expect from the wonderful DK-publishing house.

Op My Planeet, die beste rympies van Jaco Jacobs

Jaco Jacobs

Illustrasies: Zinelda Mcdonald

Ouderdom: 7+



These delightful children’s rhymes are from the king himself: Jaco Jacobs. They are beautifully illustrated by the award-winning Zinelda Mcdonald.


Die dag toe Ernst ’n ertjie geëet het

Jaco Jacobs

Illustrasies: Johann Strauss


Ouderdom: 3+



Who would have guessed that eating one, just one, tiny, tiny, tiny little pea could cause so much havoc?

Stalmaats Omnibus 2

Lize Roux

Ouderdom: 9+



We now sell this very popular series in a collection. This way we minimise costs and maximise reading pleasure.


Vir ewig my altyd

Elsa Winckler



In this delightful romance an introverted fund manager and a headstrong medical doctor realise that being independent does not mean being without the need for another.

My groot liefde

Elsa Winckler



Katryn is content with her life until she looks up one day when a handsome man with Chris Pine’s blue eyes walks into her deli. For the first time in years her heart pays attention and asks the question: What do we have here?


Liefde vir ’n cowboy

Didi Potgieter



Ami is New York’s favourite bad girl, Brad is the golden boy of Country music. Their Las Vegas wedding is a scandal, but they must pretend to be in love to protect their families. However, what Ami experiences with Brad is something she thought no longer exists − unconditional love.


Leisels na liefde

Cecilia Steyn



Olivia is a Jordaan and Markus is a Verhoef. The animosity between their families makes the Montagues and Capulets look like chums. When he sees her, his heart stumbles and something like love stirs inside.

Liefde binne die wet

Magda Schmidt



Since their first meeting Ingrid has been at a disadvantage with Martin Steyn, but he is her lecturer and she may not find him attractive; that is as long as the glint in his eyes does not break through her defenses.


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