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Oct 15, 2020

Following the huge success of the Afrikaans version, Armand kook kaal, the publisher decided to have the book translated and Nude was published. There has been huge demand for the English version and now Nude 2 offers exactly this. With a wonderful endorsement from the father of banting, Tim Noakes, Nude 2 promises to become a top seller just like the Nude.

Armand Aucamp


Follow Armand Aucamp as he brings to the table 50 more fresh, light, budget- friendly and perfectly balanced low-carb and keto dishes.

In the follow-up to his acclaimed Nude, Armand raises the bar even more. Here he presents to banting and keto enthusiasts, as well as newcomers, an indispensable addition to a carb-conscious way of eating – with a summery twist.

In Nude 2 Armand continues in his creative explorations and offers delectable salads, pastas, dinner-party dishes, as well as healthy treats for the whole family. He shows how to create dishes using healthy, affordable ingredients with step-by-step, beautifully photographed recipes.

Armand, one of South Africa’s best-known actors and low-carb personalities, has again proven just how nude a low-carb lifestyle can be – incredibly simple and budget-friendly without compromising on nutrition and taste.


  • The book comprises 50 original banting and keto recipes.
  • This book is the follow-up to the first, very successful Nude cookbook.
  • The book is divided into 7 sections and contains recipes for any occasion.
  • Recipes are explained step by step and each recipe is beautifully photographed.
  • Recipes are quick and easy to prepare.


Armand Aucamp is an A-list celebrity in South Africa. He recently played the lead role in the play Shakespeare in Love, the acclaimed international miniseries The Book of Negroes, the movie Ballade vir ’n Enkeling and the hugely popular TV series Die Boekklub. He has also been the MC at some Afrikaans is Groot concerts. Armand will soon be seen in various movies and TV series. He has an enormous social media presence and has tens of thousands of followers.

Compiled by Alet Law


The emigration debate is as old as our democracy itself. When the “new South Africa” dawned in 1994, many people left the country out of fear for what majority rule would hold. More still left in the years that followed to seek a better life elsewhere, and communities of expats can be found all over the world in places such as Canada, England and Australia.

Today, 25 years after the dawn of democracy, as optimism about the country’s future ebbs and flows, new impetus has been given to the emigration debate. This time around, it is not only being discussed in reactionary circles, but around dinner tables of all creeds as many people leave for better education, job opportunities and safety.

With the reality of nine wasted years tugging at our wallets and future prospects, and the allure of a global economy pulling strong, more and more people are asking, “Should I go?”

In Should we go? more than 20 of South Africa’s foremost thought leaders such as Jonathan Jansen, Mandy Wiener, Phumzile van Damme and Ferial Haffajee grapple with this question. It is an attempt to find some answers that will give insight to and challenge every person who is thinking of leaving, has already left, or has decided to stay so that they may thrive as South Africans wherever they are.


  • This is the first book to tackle this issue head-on.
  • Informed influencers, including Jonathan Jansen, Mandy Wiener, Phumzile van Damme and Ferial Haffajee, to name a few, discuss one of the most difficult questions South Africans grapple with: Should we go?
  • This book give insight to South Africans who have already left, those who plan to emigrate and those who have chosen to stay.
  • The influencers’ opinions are articulated positively.


Alet Law is the newsletter and engagement editor at News24 and former opinions editor. She holds a PhD in political communication from the University of Cape Town.

Christien Neser


To raise a typical toddler is no joke. So what do you do when your child happens to be ‘different’? What if he’s hyperactive and can’t pay attention? What if you suspect that she might be autistic? What can be done about low muscle tone and poor pencil grip? What if his language development is not on par, or he lisps or stutters? And what if she doesn’t have learning difficulties, but suffers from anxiety?

In Help! My Child is Atypical a team of experts answers these and many other questions that parents struggle with daily. Is therapy really essential or is it just a money-making scheme? And where do you begin when you suspect something’s amiss?

In 30 gripping case studies, parents and therapists relate their true stories of determination and hope.    Psychologists, speech therapists, audiologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, play therapists and other medical practitioners share their knowledge, experience, and secrets.

Help! My Child is Atypical is a practical guide that equips you with the tools needed to make you and your child a champion team!


  • The book has been compiled by a team of experts and therapists.
  • It’s an easy, accessible guide for parents to identify problems early on.
  • It contains case studies that help to identify problems more easily.
  • There aren’t many books in Afrikaans focusing on this subject matter.
  • A practical guide with useful tips.


Christien Neser is a writer and a speech therapist who has been in practice for nearly four decades. She collaborated with a group of expert colleagues to help answer parents’ most concerning questions. However, the stories of determination and hope by parents and their super special kids put the cherry on top. Champion teams!

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