September sees seven new English titles, many of them are from strong women. Scroll down and enjoy! We are really proud of these voices.



Lucia Prinsloo

Druknaam: Wenkbrou

Algemene Fiksie



This story takes two South African Soldiers who has joined a British Parachute Brigade into the heart of the Afghanistan war. Back in South Africa they battle memories and new rivalries by rowing the Duzi Canoe Marathon.

Uit die hart van ’n vrou

Rozaan de Wet

Druknaam: LAPA




When two women are forsaken by their husbands, they chose to overcome their past by creating a future for themselves. This is an exciting debut novel.

’n Goeie jaar vir rose

Santie van der Merwe

Druknaam: LAPA




When a family member dies, a number of people in one family has to face their own demons. We get to know each through their battles. Santie van der Merwe is a veteran, always surprising with her sublime, understated stories.

Non fiction

A Road Called Down on Both Sides

Caroline Kurtz

Imprint: Catalyst Press




Today the term “third-culture kid” is all over the internet. It has become a huge field of research, but when Caroline Kurtz grew up only a handful of misunderstood kids knew what it was like never to belong anywhere. Those kids, with parents in the mission field, military or diplomatic services, had no support and no-one studied their needs.Caroline Kurtz grew up in the remote mountains of Maji, Ethiopia in the 1950s. Inside their mud hut, living with her missionary parents and three sisters, she enjoyed an American family life.Outside, her world was shaped by drums; Jeep and mule treks into the countryside; ostriches on the air strip; and several Ethiopian languages she barely understood but longed to learn.Finally, she returned to the USA, a country she did not understand, despite her upbringing. Caroline felt like she had been exiled to a foreign country when she went to college in Illinois.After completing her studies, she returned to Ethiopia to teach, only to discover how complex working in another culture and language really is.The best-known book with a similar theme, is Barbara Kingsolver’s The Poisonwood Bible. It was a mega-seller about American girls from missionary parents who struggled to find their home – neither belonging in Africa, nor in the USA. Closer to home, Kopano Matlwa wrote a big seller called Coconut about a girl who grew up between cultures.

The Bosasa Billions: How the ANC sold its soul for braaipacks, booze and bags of cash

James-Brent Styan and Paul Vecchiatto

Imprint: LAPA

Nonfiction, Politics & Current Affairs



With South Africans still reeling from the revelations of state capture, the next bombshell hit the country: Bosasa – grand-scale corruption that had cost taxpayers billions.

Whistle-blower Angelo Agrizzi and Bosasa boss Gavin Watson soon became household names while gripping testimony before the Zondo commission held the public in thrall: little black books, elaborate bribes and walk-in vaults.

When President Cyril Ramaphosa – the man tasked with reforming the country – became entangled in the web himself, it sparked a political firestorm that threatened to engulf his presidency.

In The Bosasa Billions, best-selling author James-Brent Styan and co-writer Paul Vecchiatto tell the story of how one company hijacked the state to establish an extensive tender network stretching right to the top of the ANC government.

Watson’s employees likened the workings of his company to that of a cult. Ultimately, however, Bosasa was not in the business of saving souls. It was selling them.

James-Brent Styan, a former financial and parliamentary journalist, is the best-selling author of Steinhoff: Inside SA’s Biggest Corporate Crash.

Paul Vecchiatto has more than 16 years’ experience as a parliamentary correspondent for several publications and wire services.

Pieter-Louis Myburgh, author of Gangster State said: “A timely, thorough account of the Bosasa saga. The chronicle of the transition from freedom fighters to unscrupulous state captors is astonishing.”

Young adult

Die ses weke van Thomas & Ella

Zelda Bezuidenhout

Drukaam: LAPA


Ouderdom 13+



This delightful young-adult novel explores the relationship between two people who are socially never supposed to meet. Zelda Bezuidenhout is a masterful storyteller.

This Thing Called the Future

J.L. Powers

Imprint: Catalyst Press

Young adult

Age 13+



This Thing Called the Future, the multiple-award-winning young-adult novel from J.L. Powers, is finally coming to South Africa, its country of origin.

The book is set in Imbali, the sprawling township outside Pietermaritzburg. Khosi is fourteen years old. She lives with her grandmother and her little sister Zi. Both her parents tell her of the past, about a time when hundreds of Imbali residents were killed in political violence. Khosi wants a future; she wants to help make South Africa a better place. Is that too much in an environment where some men believe that raping virgins, like Khosi, will cure them of AIDS?

Meanwhile, Khosi has fallen in love and really, really just wants to experience that warm, fuzzy feeling that happens when Little Man, the handsome boy in her class, touches her hand.

In a world where HIV and Aids are treatable for those with money and access to good state-sponsored care, Khosi has to negotiate hours in clinic lines, vengeful men, her mother’s disdain for traditional healers, her grandmother’s faith in their sangoma and the terrible curse her next-door neighbour has cast on their household.

This beautifully crafted young-adult novel never preaches and never falls into the trap of “warning” teenagers against anything. It simply deals with the realities of township life and the hardships a young virgin faces.

This Thing Called the Future has won several prizes in the USA.

  • Texas Institute of Letters’ Best Young Adult Book Award
  • Kirkus Best Teen Books 2011
  • Delta College 60 Years, 60 Great Books: 2011
  • Bank Street’s Best Books of the Year List, 2012
  • ALA Best Fiction for Young Adults, 2012
  • 2012 Paterson Prize for Books for Young People, grades 7-12
  • 2011 Social Justice in Children’s/YA Reading List

LAPA and Catalyst Press are proud to bring it back to its country of origin.

J.L. Powers speaks better Zulu than many South Africans do. While working on her Ph.D. in African Studies, she lived in Imbali, learning the culture, the language, and the longing of ordinary young women who want a better life.

Under Water

J.L. Powers

Young Adult

Imprint: Catalyst Press

Age 13+



When her beloved grandmother dies, 17-year-old Khosi must learn to survive on her own. She has to take care of her little sister Zi while making a living as a traditional healer, and somehow try to finish school.

Violence flares up again in Imbali, the township near Pietermartitzburg. Khosi finds herself at the centre of the storm.

A murdered man is dumped on her doorstep. Accusations of witchcraft swirl around her, despite every effort to keep her healing practice above board.

Can Khosi be the part of change in her community? And can she raise her sister while finishing school?

This is the sequel to Powers’ award-winning novel This Thing Called the Future. In Under Water we meet Khosi three years after the end of the first book.

Elle-reeks: omnibus 1

Christien Neser


Druknaam: LAPA

Ouderdom 13+



A delightful collection of stories involving school hostels, boys and a host of adventures. What more does one need?

All I Know

Marita van der Vyver

Young Adult

Imprint: LAPA

Age 15+



Gabriel is fifteen years old. Fifteen going on fifty, his mom used to tease. After her death, he is no longer sure who he is.

The psychologist wants Gabriel to talk about his feelings, but how does he explain to her that it has been easier to cope with anger than with tears during these past few months? How does he explain that his so-called “mixed blood” makes him different from everyone else at school? How does he explain that things between him and his dad have changed irrevocably? How does he explain trying to cut his own wrists … twice?

He cannot, so instead Gabriel loses himself in the world of performance poetry where he learns to dip his hand into a backpack filled words and to fling the words onto his audience like red-hot coals.

Out of the blue, Gabriel meets Sasha who is prettier than Snow White and who knows a few things about poetry!

This is a truly South African story and the healing power of words.

King Shaka: Zulu Legend

Author and illustrator: Luke Molver

Foreword by Dr Sibongiseni Mkhize

Imprint: Story Press Africa

Graphic Novel



From the award-winning Luke Molver comes a new graphic novel that will continue to make South African history fun and interesting.

The defeat of the slave-trading clans, as seen in Shaka Rising, was a good thing for the Zulu kingdom, but a dangerous new tide of colonisation was rising as foreign fortune hunters arrived from across the sea. Even within King Shaka’s own lands, treachery loomed, threatening the balance of power.

King Shaka is the second graphic novel featuring one of our biggest African heroes. We walk with him as he faces new challenges in a changing world, while he strives to shield his people from danger.

The foreword of this colourful book is written by Dr Sibongiseni Mkhize, Chief Executive Officer of the South African State Theatre in Pretoria.

During May 2019, the first book in the series, Shaka Rising: A Legend of the Warrior Prince, won a major award in the USA. It was named a 2019 Honor Book by the Children’s Africana Book Awards.

The foreword of this colourful book is written by Dr Sibongiseni Mkhize, Chief Executive Officer of the South African State Theatre in Pretoria.

 For the young ones

Keegan en Samier: Die sleutelspeurders

Outeur en Illustreerder: André Trantraal


Druknaam: LAPA

Ouderdom 7+



A long-awaited and delightful book set in the Cape Flats, written by one of the masters of Afrikaans, André Trantraal.

Blou Maandag

Jaco Jacobs

Illustrasies: Karen Lilje

Druknaam: LAPA


Ouderdom 7+



Jaco Jacobs has a way with words. After reading about Jana’s blue Monday, you may think yours is a fun day.

Prettige Feite: Weer en die seisoene

Dorling Kindersley

Vertaler: Jaco Jacobs

Druknaam: LAPA


Ouderdom 5+



A great book on weather and weather patterns by Doris Kindersley.

Towerponie en die reënboogbollie

Emma Adams

Illustrasies: Katy Halford

Druknaam: LAPA


Ouderdom 5+



Unicorns and Magic Ponies. Awesome. Despite their rainbow pooh!

My eerste boek oor perde en ponies

Andrea Mills

Vertaler: Jaco Jacobs

Druknaam: LAPA


Ouderdom 7+



This is a factual book about ponies and horses. A must for every young person!


Wedding Season


Imprint: LAPA




Wedding season is an anthology of ten English short stories by some of ROSA’s (Romance writers Organisation of South Africa) published authors. It will release as an eBook in July 2019, and paperbacks will be made available internationally via Amazon in countries in which printing and delivery is possible.

The short stories are all on the theme of summer weddings, but apart from that, they have nothing in common. Each story will reflect the genre, heat levels and personal writing style of that author.

The authors and their genres involved in this anthology are:

  • Natasha Anders – Contemporary romance
  • Alissa Baxter – Sweet Regency historical romances
  • Marie Dry – Sci-Fi romances
  • Ashleigh Giannoccaro – Dark romance
  • Sharonlee Holder – Paranormal and biker romances
  • Suzanne Jefferies – both erotic romance and contemporary romance
  • Sophia Karlson – Contemporary romance
  • Romy Sommer – Contemporary romance
  • Tanya Wilde – Writes quite steamy Regency historical romances
  • Jo Watson – Writes contemporary romances

Storm vol liefde

René van Zyl

Druknaam: Romanza




Mixed identities, twin sisters and troubled hearts; another delightful book by René van Zyl.


Marilé Cloete

Druknaam: Romanza




Roelien and her brother are new in town and want to start over. Unfortunately for her, her neighbour is not only rude, but happens to be gorgeous too. To make matters worse: He’s teaching at the same school as she is!

Lank, donker en dierbaar

Madelie Human

Druknaam: Romanza




Sister Jessica Vermaak is content; well, things could be a little better. Her boyfriend is a bit of a chauvinist, her job might be on the line and her heart beats a lot faster when her new patient – the sinfully seductive wildlife vet, Herman Schoeman – looks at her.

Die verkeerde man

Alexa Steyn

Druknaam: Romanza




Braam saves Tertia from a thunderstorm, and the electricity is palpable between them. But when Len, Tertia’s ex, shows up with his new wife, things become a lot more complicated.


Magda Schmidt

Druknaam: Romanza




Christi visits her grandmother, and meets the attractive village pastor, Philip. Such is the impression he leaves, that she accepts a post in the village and moves there. Eventually things go right for Chirsti and Philip, but a malicious remark threatens to tear them apart.

This post is also available in: Afrikaans


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