Kom ons Braai – New episodes

South-Africa’s favourite pastime is now a social experiment: In Kom ons Braai three couples who have never met take up the challenge to invite the others for a braai – and the heat is turned on almost immediately! Family recipes and foodie flourishes meet typical braai dishes, complemented by all sorts of talk around the fire and contestants roasting one another to a toast once they get to tell the cameras and viewers what they think of their competitors’ braai skills. At times you won’t believe your eyes and ears, while some of these braais will have you drooling over the delectable offerings. In some cases, there’s nothing to do but laugh and shake your head at the things coming from the contestants’ mouths. See a bit of the country while hanging out with braaiers around the fires in their backyards. New episodes of Kom ons Braai are available exclusively on ShowMax to international subscribers.


Laat die potte prut – New episodes

Piet Marais and Frik Oosthuizen are the presenters of the potjiekos program Laat die potte prut, in which three teams compete per episode to impress the judges – and one another! – with their potjie skills. You’ll be amazed at the unique and creative dishes people make in cast iron pots (potjies): from astonishing taste combinations to new versions of classic recipes, and even unexpected puddings and side dishes. Piet and Frik are professional chefs who know their story, but every so often a contestant appears with enough potjie talent to blow their hair and beards back. The presenters see cooking on a fire as the way of the future – so catch a few handy hints in the brand-new season of Laat die potte prut, exclusively available to ShowMax international subscribers. The recipes are simple enough to try at home, so be inspired to cook up an authentically South African meal in your own potjie.


Die Kliek – New episodes

These days Die Kliek is the coolest place to find love – at least if you’re the type of person who doesn’t mind doing this sort of thing on TV with a comedian taking shots at you throughout the episode. The male contestants are judged by their social media profiles by a group of women and must prove themselves to the fairer contestants by means of a physical challenge. Finally, the guys get to choose whether they want to take a girl on a date. There are no farms, cow dung or cattle parades here – this is real romance for the 21st century. Comedian Schalk Bezuidenhout stole hearts as the first presenter on the series and in the latest season the naughty Jack Parow takes the reins from him. To find love in the time of reality TV and Tinder is a bizarre and comical experience at best, and on Die Kliek you’ll see the best of this. New episodes are available exclusively to ShowMax international subscribers.


Angelique & Jr – New series

Being a first-time mother is an adventure full of challenges, excitement, new experiences and discoveries – but no one said it’s easy. In Angelique & Jr, the reality series about motherhood, actress and TV presenter Angelique Gerber welcomes you in her home to join her in learning about motherhood and to experience life through the eyes of little Jacques, her son with husband Jacques Potgieter, the well-known rugby player.

Every episode is basically a day in the life of a baby and his momma, and we meet everyone involved in the Gerber-Potgieter household and also involved in the daily lives of Angelique and Jacques Junior. Angelique also makes video journals for Jacques, so he’ll know how much he is loved and cared for if he watches these tapes one day. Everyone who is caring for a young child will identify with Angelique & Jr – exclusively available to ShowMax international subscribers.

Nisboere – New series

A farming enterprise doesn’t need to be big to make a massive impact. Via’s latest agricultural series Nisboere places the focus on farms utilising small patches of land in extraordinary ways. You’ll meet farmers who cultivate interesting crops such as lavender, olives or exotic mushrooms, as well as breeders of miniature horses. Even viewers with no agricultural knowledge will enjoy the stories of how these farms came into existence and how ordinary people became niche farmers, and there’s much to learn about farming from everyone featured on the show. The people may be quite normal, but there’s nothing ordinary about their farms: We’re talking crocodiles, proteas and tropical fish, farmed in or on anything from a hectare of land to a suburban garage. The presenters, Anrich Herbst, Chris de Clerq and Simonia Magardie also share handy hints about growing vegetables in home gardens. ShowMax international subscribers get exclusive access to Nisboere and all the strange and wonderful farms and farmers featured on this show.

Op pad met Dana – New episodes

Dana Snyman is a South African icon; an award-winning journalist and author with a unique take on the country and its people. In this travel series, Dana takes to the roads to meet South Africans from across the spectrum. Through his conversations, he learns how these people live their lives and experience reality. Dana makes a concerted effort to get to know the country and understand the people he encounters – basically, to find the heart of Mzansi. He talks to real people and shares his observations of things seen while on the road. Dana’s love for others and his compassion is contagious, and the series as a whole shows you a different side of a country that is familiar and strange all at once. ShowMax international subscribers get exclusive access to new episodes of Op pad met Dana. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more soulful travel companion.

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