Paul C. Venter’s series (Arende, Torings, Konings and Vlug na Egipte to name a few) are always a hit with South Africans and his latest offering, Knapsekêrels, promises even more intrigue and action than previous stories from his pen. This kykNET series is set in Johannesburg and tells the story of four diverse families: The Bekkers, Zimmermans, Davids and Fortuins are compelled to get to know one another better when a member of each family gets caught in a race for survival and the right of existence in the big city. Skalkie Fortuin and Mynie Bekker work together at Interactive Security, and Skalkie is given the opportunity of a lifetime when he is asked to watch over businessman Hans Zimmerman’s daughter, Addie. The mission turns out to be much more complicated than he expected. Well-known faces like Dawid Minnaar, Christia Visser, Armand Aucamp, André Odendaal, Sandi Schulz and Terrence Bridgett star in the hour-long episodes. Make sure you don’t miss any of the action: There are new episodes on ShowMax every week.

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