A group of friends decided to visit the Royal Opera House in Muscat to watch a dance performance called “The Silk Road”. This dance spectacular tells the story of an Arab sailor who discovers different cultures and heritages as he journeys along the Silk Road. It was a good performance and we enjoyed it thoroughly! On our way back to our hotel, we came across a beautiful mosque.

The next day, we stopped for some meat products from South Africa. Nothing like biltong and droëwors for the long road back to Sohar!

Phillip is a teacher in Oman during the school term, but a traveller and photographer whenever he gets the chance! The travel bug has bitten him from the first time he has stepped on a plane for his first flight. From there on there was no turning back!! Visit www.saffatravels.com to see more of Phillip’s blogs and beautiful photos.


This post is also available in: Afrikaans

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Wêreldwyd admin

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