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Spotlight Newsletter: 20 January 2022

Jan 20, 2022

Herewith the latest Worldwide Spotlight. This newsletter contains news pertinent to South Africans living abroad, but also interesting inserts from people living all over the globe. Feel free to forward this newsletter. Anybody can sign up for free.

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Six reasons why you should connect with South Africans, even in your new host country

In today’s electronic connected world, there are many ways to connect. So many of us already have acquaintances, friends or family that are living overseas. If not, there are many social media groups that you can join to start making those critical human connections.

Seasonal affective disorder – there is light at the end of the dark winter tunnel

It is normal to feel somewhat down during the winter months. It is a phenomenon that is often seen – especially in South Africans who live in countries such as Ireland where winter months mean longer nights and long periods without sunshine.

Out and About: An email from New Zealand

Out and About is a column in which we chat with people who are currently living abroad, or who used to live and work there. This week we chat with Clarissa van Emmenes in New Zealand.

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“They/Them” nearest to us

“They/Them” nearest to us

Friday was another road day, and I’ve heard so much that I want to remember. Among others, the following: One of the most amazing things to see is how God changes your mind.Tony Evans Part of growing up is thinking bigger, dreaming broader - and there is nothing wrong...

Nature’s Corner – Sable antelopes

Nature’s Corner – Sable antelopes

Sable antelope cows and juveniles (Hippotragus niger) with their chestnut brown to dark brown coats, graze at the Silolweni River, south of the Tshokwane Picnic Site in the Kruger National Park. The dominant female terrorizes the others with her long horns until some...


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