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Thank goodness for Darren’s pies!

Jun 28, 2022

By Ira van der Merwe

If I had known that almost a decade would pass before I would eat another meat pie, my last pie would surely not have been a garage pie! (You know, one of those pies that compels you to take a Rennie for dessert just to quell that raging hell of a heartburn!)

Being South African, you cannot imagine that you will miss pies when abroad; something so inherent to the British culture and countries with a British heritage. The pies that I devoured in my last host countries were each and every one sweet and filled with fruit – not a piece of meat in sight! Here you can whistle to a pepper steak pie, I always say.     

Then, in my tenth year, Darren Greysmark came to my rescue. His business in Warsaw Poland, with the distinctly South African name Ke Nako Foods, delivers the tastiest homemade pies countrywide to your doorstep – complete with Mrs Balls! Of course they also sell biltong, droëwors and boerewors. Their website has a few wonderful surprises in store, like mealiepap and even Fizzers!

Yes, yes, I know I can bake the pies myself. But you know of course that something tastes a lot better when you did not have to spend hours in front of the stove yourself. Moreover: I treat myself to this every two months for those days when I need a break from motherhood. I simply yank open the refrigerator door, cover a plate with a salad and invite Mrs Balls over – food fit for a king, without the washing-up later!

If ever you are in Warsaw and cannot control your appetite for a meat pie or boerie roll, visit their food truck over weekends. Go and meet the Capetonian and his top-notch team in person.  

About the author

Ira van der Merwe

Ira van der Merwe hop al vir meer as ‘n dekade in die buiteland rond. Met houtskool in die hand deel sy haar land met die wêreld. En met ‘n pen in die ander deel sy die humor in die vreemde met haar eie mense. Met Afrika-diere bedags en grappies skryf snags, verwerk Ira die hoogte- en laagtepunte van lewe in die vreemde.


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