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The one thing you wish you could pack in your suitcase when you emigrated

Oct 11, 2021

Wêreldwyd recently asked our Facebook friends about the one thing they wish they were able to take with them when they had emigrated. We were inundated with messages and most people agreed that they would take their family and friends with them because they miss them so much. We also compiled a list with 13 things people would have liked to pack in a suitcase and take with them.


  1. My whole family. – Antoinette Briel
  2. My collection classical music LPs. There was a memory locked up in every one of them. – Dalene Russell
  3. Mountains – Tanya de Groot
  4. My mother – Marelize Bott
  5. Too many to count. – Elizabeth Claudette
  6. Tropika juice – Angelique Scriven
  7. The smell of the earth after rain and the thorn tree on the plain. – Tilly van Enter
  8. Plasters to put over the pain and sadness of emigration. – Joany Brink
  9. Thunder. It hardly ever happens here in New Zealand. – Anet Dafel
  10. Sweet pineapples, mangoes and yellow cling peaches. – Karien van Greunen
  11. My GP and dentist. – Karien van Greunen
  12. My dog, who protected us many times. – Gwen Waller
  13. Afrikaans – Sanet Engelbrecht
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