Neale Donald Walsch said life starts at the end of your comfort zone. What better way to get out of your comfort zone than to complete a wishing list of the top 10 adventures in South Africa! Where to start? Crawling down in caves, swimming with millions of sardines or jumping 200 m from a bridge? Get ready, here are the top 10:

Rainbow Gorge Hiking Trail in the Drakensberg

In about five hours you can do one of the most spectacular hiking trails in the Drakensberg. The route follows the Ndumeni river, passing numerous ravines, dense forests and pools. You can start the route from Didima camp or Cathedral Peak Hotel.

Sardine Migration along the Wild Coast

Every year around June and July the biggest sardine migration in the world takes place along the southern coast of South Africa. Millions of sardines move up along the coast, and it will be an experience you will never forget. The masses of sardines also attract dolphins and whales! You may reserve your diving package at Durban’s Aliwal Dive Centre.

Ghost Tour at Kaapschehoop

Kaapschehoop has long been known as a ghost town, and they also have their own ghost tour you can do on foot through the town around midnight. Rumours have it that one can hear children crying in the cliffs, and pots and pans sometimes fly through the air in the local pub if the music is too loud. For all those brave adventurers, Kaapschehoop’s ghost tour is a must.

The Otter Hiking Trail

The Otter was opened in 1968 and is the oldest hiking trail in South Africa. The Otter appears on several ranking lists, is one of the 50 best hiking trails in the world and time and again receives five stars for its scenery. The trail of five days covers a distance of 45 km, and the best part of it is crossing the Bloukrans river and the beautiful beach scenes.

Orange River Rowing

The Orange River is the longest river in South Africa and skirts Namibia and Botswana. The Orange River flows over more than 2 000 km, offering numerous options for a wonderful rowing experience. To really experience the Orange River one has to tackle at least a 3 to 5-day rowing trip. Well-known routes are offered by Amanzi Trails, Bushwhacked Outdoor Adventures and Bundi. You may also reserve a rowing trip on New Year’s Eve, which is an adventure on its own!

Diving with Sharks in Mossel Bay

Mossel Bay is situated on the beautiful Garden Route, and in addition it is also home to about 200 great white sharks roaming the bay at any given time. For a real adventure and a unique adrenalin experience, dive with sharks in Mossel Bay!

Bloukrans Bridge Bungee Jumping

The Bloukrans bridge – 216 m high – is one of the highest commercial bungee-jumping bridges in the world. It is a must for any adventure wishing list, and once you have viewed the world from an upside-down position dangling from the Bloukrans bridge, you can tackle anything! You may reserve your spot directly on the Face Adrenalin website!

Sabie Waterfall Route

The Sabie Waterfall Route is one of South Africa’s hidden treasures and is relatively unknown. It definitely is high on the list for any adventurer to discover eight waterfalls on the same route. This is where the most waterfalls are to be found in South Africa; the routes starts in Sabie and proceeds on the R532, where waterfalls appear one after the other. Take a picnic hamper, get in your car and enjoy all eight waterfalls in one day!

Watching the Stars in Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve

The Kagga Kamma nature reserve is situated in the unspoilt wilderness of Ceres in the Western Cape. The reserve is renowned for its dramatic rock formations. The highlights, however, are the star-gazing tours – the night sky here is like nowhere else in South Africa! The reserve also offers luxurious cave accommodation that integrates with the environment in a unique way.

Adventure Tour of the Cango Caves

If you want to call yourself an adventurer, you have to do not only the heritage tour of the Cango Caves but also the 90-minute adventure tour. The Cango Caves are situated 29 km outside Oudtshoorn. The caves stretch over a distance of 16 km and include a tunnel system of 4 km. About 1,2 km of the tunnel system is open to the public. If crawling through narrow passages and up steep rocks doesn’t scare you, this is for you! The narrowest passage to pass through is only 15 cm wide!

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