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Has the Asset Forfeiture Unit done any good so far? Will the DA be able to survive its internal power struggles? What are my rights when it comes to telemarketing? Carte Blanche answers all of these and more of your questions. ShowMax subscribers living overseas get new episodes of Carte Blanche on their screens every Tuesday.

First Strike From The AFU

This week the Asset Forfeiture Unit launched their first strike against international consulting company McKinsey and the Gupta-linked company, Trillian. Their preservation order freezes R1,6 billion, but the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) says that is just the beginning. They hope to recover another R50 billion. In an exclusive interview, Carte Blanche sits down with Suzanne Daniels, the Eskom executive who was the first to recommend these companies pay back the money and was suspended shortly afterwards. (Producer: Joy Summers; Presenter: Devi Sankaree Govender; Researcher: Tony Beamish)

Young Heroes

At just 12 years old, these boys’ selfless efforts to aid victims of the Kroonstad train crash have earned them the admiration of the entire nation. After witnessing the incident, they fearlessly rushed to the scene to help the injured, pulling babies and elderly people from the train. Carte Blanche meets young South African heroes Evert du Preez and Mokoni Chaka. (Producer: Mart-Marie Faure; Presenter: Macfarlane Moleli)

DA Future

While the governing party – the ANC – is experiencing resurgence under the new leadership of Cyril Ramaphosa, trouble is brewing in the opposition camps of the Democratic Alliance (DA). From Cape Town to Port Elizabeth and even Johannesburg, major internal power struggles plague the DA. Can the official opposition survive the political fallout in the Western Cape and its key metropoles throughout the country? Carte Blanche analyses a party seemingly in disarray. (Producer: Liz Fish; Presenter: John Webb)

Highway Rock Throwing

It’s a deadly practice, often with fatal consequences. Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal have seen a renewed spate of rock throwing from highway bridges, causing serious damage to vehicles, claiming lives and injuring several motorists. Are these just reckless pranks or is it part of a devious plan to rob injured motorists of their valuables? (Producer: Nicky Troll; Presenter: Claire Mawisa)

Telemarketing: Your Rights

We all loathe those persistent telemarketing calls offering anything from insurance policies to cell phone contracts. Locally it is big business and when it comes to marketing phone calls, South Africa now ranks among the top five most spammed countries in the world. But is it legal to offer unsolicited credit or to keep your private contact details on a database after you have asked for it to be removed? Carte Blanche finds out what your rights are as a consumer. (Producer: Sophia Phirippides; Presenter: Macfarlane Moleli)

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