In my previous Weekend Reflection I emphasised that respect or honour towards one another, whether in person or on social media, is important. However, what it doesn’t mean is that everything must be about the person (or you). The difficult conversations and situations build character if you work through it.

The future of the advertisement industry is content marketing, or rather content marketing is starting to slowly throttle the advertisement industry. The other more familiar strategy that summarises this thought perfectly for me is the Freemium price strategy, which entails the product or service being free as starting-place.

In other words, what I’m emphasising the entire time is that the starting-place must be the other person’s or client’s needs with associated value addition.

However, something that is ironic to me is the fact that while dynamic businesses are increasingly moving towards free value addition as starting-place, the world is increasingly becoming more politically correct in order to accommodate a minority group. For example the company with 50 000 employees that amends a policy in order to accommodate the 17 people with their thin skins because they took exception.

What I’m trying to say is the following: Because you as person have value, it doesn’t give you a licence to make everything about you. Don’t miss a character developing opportunity because your skin is slightly thin. It is exactly the painful and uncomfortable discussions that will make the skin thicker. A good character is your foundation for success.

In last week’s interview with Dr Dirk Koekemoer, it was really inspirational for me how he is making the world a better and healthier place. He has an outwards focus, but in the process he is healing people and creating work, whilst being rewarded financially.



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Jacques Basson
Jacques Basson
After a wonderful childhood in Riebeeckstad and many years at the Kovsie campus to perfect my pool game (half-truth) and complete a business degree, my corporate sales and marketing career started with the Coca-Cola Company in 1999.
Coca-Cola’s management development programme, Kusile, quickly developed by business expertise and five additional companies and senior roles in South Africa and England later – for among others Parmalat, Ecolab, Luxottica and Polaroid Eyewear – I started a commercial cleaning company, VanBroc Cleaning, in 2007, followed by a joint venture with a commercial cleaning company in Austin, Texas in 2012.
After 14 years in England my family and I moved back to South Africa early in 2018 and we currently reside in Centurion.
Of course, Klipkouers podcast is the new baby in the business family and I need your help raising the child!

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