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Worldwide – AfriForum’s online home for our people abroad

Oct 26, 2021

Ever since AfriForum had come into being, close ties have always been maintained with South Africans abroad. AfriForum’s Worldwide initiative was specifically created for this purpose. This initiative is the ideal platform for every South African currently living abroad, but who would still like to stay in touch with their country of birth.

Worldwide has already for the past eight years offered an online home for South Africans who have established themselves abroad.

The initiative involves a website helping people to remain informed of news events in South Africa. Here you can also get reliable advice, simply enjoy each other’s company, share your experiences and tell others more about the interesting places where you currently live and work.

Our Worldwide team has done proper research to determine what exactly is important for South Africans abroad and that is precisely why this information has been published on the website. This includes current local news and contributions such as photos and stories of South Africans living in interesting places all over the world.

It’s challenging to adapt to a new country. Everything is different and to find your favourite South African products can be quite an adventure, luckily Worldwide is here to help. Worldwide’s World Guide is unique, here you can find a gathering of South African businesses from all around the world creating a network of South Africans abroad.

The World Guide is aimed at helping people that are busy adjusting abroad to meet other South Africans while at the same time supporting their businesses. The interactive guide makes it possible for South Africans abroad to have their businesses listed in the World Guide free of charge.

Worldwide also has a newsletter, Spotlight, to which you can subscribe free of charge. This newsletter contains, among others, news from the Afrikaans media outlet Maroela Media, the latest news on festivals and appearances abroad by well-known South African artists, as well as important information regarding citizenship, passports, tax and how to participate in the South African general election abroad.

In addition, Worldwide’s Facebook page is an extremely popular interactive hangout for all South Africans, locally and abroad.

Worldwide is continuously striving towards keeping South Africans up to date on the best gatherings abroad where you, your friends and family members can socialise and celebrate a shared heritage.

In the past couple of years we already approached various contributors and also made new Worldwide friends. Our partners include, among others, the following businesses: South African Events, Texas Potjie,  and Breytenbachs Immigration Consultants to name a few.

Worldwide is constantly striving to keep South Africans abreast of the best gatherings abroad where you, your friends and family can socialise and celebrate a shared heritage.

Worldwide will again be joining forces with South African Events to bring Afrikaans entertainment to South Africans by acting as the main sponsor of the Afrikaans is Lekker 2020 tour. Afrikaans is Lekker is an annual South African concert hosted by South African Events in Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Become a part of Worldwide’s online community

Worldwide is your online home abroad. Come and meet up with South African expats from across the globe and stay informed about news in South Africa also affecting you. Make contact and share your adventures with us; we would really like to hear from you!

About the author

Sue-Ann de Wet

Sue-Ann de Wet is the Head of Diaspora at AfriForum.


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