The popular website called Worldwide that keeps South Africans abroad connected with events in their homeland will await visitors in future with a spruced-up world guide design.

‘Worldwide is an initiative of AfriForum to exchange news and information among South Africans currently living and/or working abroad who want to stay in contact with South Africa. We also collect and publish information that will be interesting to all South Africans and that provides reliable advice for people planning an overseas trip. Actually, it is just a nice get-together cyberspace,’ said Sue-Ann de Wet, AfriForum’s project coordinator for South African diaspora.

‘The world guide is the place where South Africans abroad can buy proudly South African products. These include, among others, biltong, Ouma rusks, traditional chutney, financing assistance, South African lawyers, businesses and restaurants that serve South African food. These businesses contact us and we provide their information for free on the world guide,’ said De Wet.

The guide aims to help people, who feel like strangers in a foreign country, to meet other South Africans and support their businesses. The demand for a more user-friendly and interactive guide has grown and South Africans abroad can now advertise their businesses for free in the world guide.

Now you as business owner can have your own profile where you can log in and make changes as your business changes and grows.

Use the following link to make sure your company is listed on Worldwide’s world guide.

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Wêreldwyd admin
Wêreldwyd admin

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