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Survey: You know your world – but now Worldwide wants to get to know you

Dec 14, 2020

Participate and WIN!

For the past eight years now, Worldwide – an initiative of the civil rights organisation AfriForum – has been offering an online home to South Africans who have relocated abroad. It is the ideal platform for every South African who lives abroad, but who still wants to be in contact with their home country. It also helps to keep people updated on events in South Africa. You can also get trustworthy advice here, or you can chat a bit, share your experiences and tell us more about the interesting places that you visited.

Our Worldwide team wants to conduct proper research to determine what exactly is important for South Africans abroad, so that we can offer this information on our website and other digital platforms.

Worldwide wants to become the place to call home for people abroad. Help us to broaden our horizons by completing this survey.

The prize includes the following: A Takealot gift voucher worth R2 500 for people who live in South Africa, or an Amazon gift voucher worth US$150 for people who live abroad.



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