The World Worldwide Guide is as delicious as pancakes at a church bazaar, as essential as biltong at a rugby match and as easy as pap and sauce at a braai. Here are our five fine businesses for April. If you think your business belongs on this list, you should hurry up and list your business in our directory – it’s free!

Doms Biltong

Norway’s highest-quality biltong is made by two adventurous brothers from Cape Town, South Africa.

10 Degrees South

Take your taste buds on a culinary safari! 10 Degrees South is a local South African restaurant offering a culinary haven for Atlanta’s taste makers.

Dutchy’s gourmet sausage

Our handmade sausage is exclusively prepared with only the best USDA selection of meat and spices. Our specialty is our original boerewors. We also offer biltong, dried sausage and various other South African delicacies.

Karoo Restaurant

Karoo Restaurant is inspired by the diverse flavours of British, Dutch, African, Malaysian, Portuguese and Indian dishes, which form the basis of the delicious food from chef Sanette Groenewald’s homeland, South Africa.

Shebeen Pub & Braai

The Shebeen Pub & Braai offers South African-inspired cooking in the centre of Charlottesville, Virginia.

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