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World Guide in focus – Europe

Oct 13, 2020

Adapting to a new country is a challenge. The World Guide aims to help people who are adapting abroad to meet other South Africans and at the same time support their businesses. Here you can access and support information on shops, church services, doctors and even tutors.

This month we focus on businesses in Europe that you can support.

Braai in Amsterdam

At Braai in Amsterdam you can feast on your braaivleis just like on an ordinary Saturday afternoon in South Africa. At restaurants in Westerpark and Riviernebuurt you can choose from a wide variety of dishes. The menu includes, among others, biltong, roast beef, and bread and hummus.

Braai offers a cosy atmosphere with authentic South African food when a warm Saturday afternoon knocks on your door.

Shop at Die Spens

Die Spens is located along the A1 in Amersfoort, only a stone’s throw from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. At Die Spens you will find South African favourites such as Mrs Ball’s chutney, Ouma rusks, Robertson spices and Iwisa mealie meal.

Prepare your own Afrikos

Afrikos offers workshops and courses on your favourite South African food traditions. They also stock all the spices you need to prepare traditional dishes at home. Do you long for a flavoursome plate of bobotie? Then Afrikos is the place to contact for your personal bag full of spices!

Order South African food and drink from Kuierkos

Kuierkos is your home away from home. Here you can indulge in all kinds of South African favourites such as beer, biltong and wine. If you want to experience the whole of South Africa online in one place, you must visit Kuierkos. You can order anything from a milk tart to a cold Zamalek and it will be delivered to your door.

Let uPVC Repairs repair your windows

uPVC specialises in repairing windows, doors and locks in England. After 19 years in the industry, they take care of your repairs in no time.

Eat at JAN

JAN is a small gourmet restaurant in the Nice Port District of France. Here you can enjoy South African hospitality along with dishes inspired by local products.

Visit Johan Ackhust if your teeth need care

Johan Ackhust is a dentist from the Western Cape who specialises in dentistry, oral surgery and implants. Feel free to visit him in Belgium.

What does your network look like abroad? Let us know at Just click and you are home!

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