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World Guide in focus – United Kingdom

Aug 27, 2020

The Newt in Somerset

Worldwide’s unique World Guide is as proudly South African as Creme Soda and NikNaks. The World Guide helps South Africans abroad to find all their South African favourites. It contains information on South African-owned businesses in 54 countries around the world – from Afrikaans church services and doctors to lawyers and tutors! This month we focus on businesses in the UK that you can support.

Eat at Kudu Peckham

Our food is inspired by our South African roots – whether it’s a potjie simmering slowly over coals or our delicious Kudu bread We have our own herb and vegetable gardens and for the rest we celebrate hunters’ and foragers’ local products.

Buy from Padkos

Our name says it all! Padkos is a mobile store that delivers South African products in and around Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. We bring you high quality South African products at competitive prices.

Admire The Newt in Somerset

The Newt in Somerset is named after the great crested newt which is a protected species in Europe and the United Kingdom. However, The Newt is anything but creepy. It is a celebration of everything characteristic of Somerset in the UK – from the name to the apple trees all over the estate. There’s something Somerset around every turn.

Check your facts at Breytenbachs Immigration Consultants

Breytenbachs Immigration Consultants Ltd, or BIC as we are commonly known, specialises in British and South African immigration. From our head office in London and our affiliated offices in South Africa – Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban – we help clients in both countries.

Visit Dental Emporium for healthy teeth

The reputation of Dental Emporium’s friendly, helpful team is that our informed care exceeds all expectations.

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