We are proud to introduce two brand-new English-language authors and bring you the much-awaited second book of another. Anneleigh Jacobsen’s fictional corporate thriller is based on a number of real-life financial scandals which have rocked South Africa. It shows a deeply spiritual South Africa juxtaposed with sex and corporate greed.

Well-known actress Bianca Flanders embraces natural hair in her beautiful debut, while Henry Trotter returns with a provocative look at Cape Town’s underbelly.

That is not all: We have also created an English-language version of our mega-selling Tippie-series.


Corporation games

Anneleigh Jacobsen

Imprint: Eyebrow

Corporate thriller



What happens when the spirit world of Africa clashes with corporate greed?

Why have the tokoloshes been sent to sniff out evil in Sandton?

How come the shades begin to move behind the automated sliding doors in the silent coolness of marble where money talks louder than people?

Georgie leads a highly-skilled team of eager brand managers. They get the figures, understand the consumer and know when to give the weary buyers slack. Why then does the MD of Nielsen throw his toys?

More than 500 km away, in rural KwaZulu-Natal, Sindiwe, a smart, modern woman, learns more about the ancestral world than she has ever wished to.

This fictional corporate thriller is based on a number of real-life financial scandals which have rocked South Africa. The sex, money and greed of the corporate world are pitted against the quiet resilience of rural African people. The end will leave you in awe.

Eendag is nou

Kristel Loots

Druknaam: LAPA

Algemene Fiksie



Jacomien is tired of her husband. She’s been waiting her entire life for that one day when she will be happy, only to realise that one day isn’t waiting for her anymore. One day is here. One day is now.

Die alfadokument

René van Zyl

Druknaam: Wenkbrou




Die Alfa dokument promises to possibly be one of 2019’s biggest favourites. The author filled an enormous gap in the market with a conspiracy thriller that will easily appeal to readers of international and local suspense novels. She deserves credit for strong, human protagonists on both sides of the spectrum – good and evil, male and female.

Non fiction

In gesprek met Waldimar

Waldimar Pelser

Druknaam: LAPA

Politiek, niefiksie



This is a collection of 100 of the best and bravest intros for which Waldimar Pelser has become known on his tough-talking TV shows. He calls Malema a racist, Zuma a tsotsi, and makes Mmusi Maimane dance. In forensic detail, Pelser sets his sights on every fool and crook who wants to thwarts efforts to make South Africa succeed.

Cape Town: A place between

Henry Trotter

Imprint: Catalyst press




Kaapstad is ‘n plek tussen twee oseane, tussen eerste en derde wêrelde, tussen oos en wes. Die meerderheid van haar burgers ook: ‘n volk tussen swart en wit, inheemse mense en setlaars, Afrika en elders. Dié boek is die perfekte metgesel vir ’n reisgids, of jy nou grootgeword het in Kaapstad, of net ’n paar uur daar wil deurbring.

For the young ones

101 Spookstories

Jaco Jacobs

Drukaam: LAPA


Ouderdom: 11+



Meet the monsters underneath your bed … Ghosts. Vampires. Werewolves. Monsters. Aliens from outer space. This brilliantly, creepy book contains 101 stories, rhymes, poems and comics that will make your hair stand on end and give you shivers down your spine – and make your toes curl from delight!

Olke bolke, Lulu

Fanie Viljoen


Druknaam: LAPA

Ouderdom: 7+




Lulu dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Then a strange smell appears in their house – a baby! It’s a lot of fun making baby clothes for him. But Greta, the new girl in class, thinks she’s a much better designer than Lulu – and they decide to have a fashion show!

Pumpkin finds her queen

Bianca Flanders


Druknaam: LAPA

Ouderdom: 3+

9780799395815 (Engels)


“Pumpkin had a secret,

Something that made her sad …

Pumpkin didn’t like her hair.

She thought her curls were bad.”

Pumpkin Pie has a secret. She doesn’t like her hair at all! Her wild locks just won’t be tamed. She can’t hide even her curly hair. Why can’t her hair just look like those of her friends?

Soon, though, Pumpkin discovers that her wild, curly hair makes her unique.

The book ties in with important debates surrounding the styling of natural hair. It is not something that has ever been discussed in traditional, Western children’s books, yet it is a topic of contention on the majority of households in this country.

Bianca Flanders is an actress, voice artist and teacher based in Cape Town. She graduated from the University of Cape Town (UCT) in 2011 with a degree in Theatre and Performance, then went on to obtain her Postgraduate Certificate of Education in 2012, also at UCT.

More importantly, Bianca understands hair. Like Pumpkin, Bianca has had to learn to lovw the lovely curls she was born with.

Sasha word stil

Jaco Jacobs

Druknaam: LAPA


Ouderdom: 3+



Why is Sasha so quiet today? She’s listening … To the sounds of the cars in the city, the buzz of voices in the shops, the peaceful cooing of a dove in the garden … And a wonderful idea starts growing.

Oupa se medalje

Phil Earle

Vertaal deur Jaco Jacobs


Druknaam: LAPA

Ouderdom: 5+



Marko thinks his grandad is the bravest person he’s ever met; he even has a medal from the war to prove it. But when Grandad must go on his final adventure alone, Marko finds he has to be braver than he’s ever been before.

Gebruik jou verbeelding

Vertaal deur Jaco Jacobs

Niefiksie vir kinders

Druknaam: LAPA

Ouderdom: 7+



Bored? Never again! This book contains more than 250 incredible things you can make and do. Shut off your electronic device and give your creativity free rein with games, challenges, handiwork and tons of other fun ideas! It’s time to unlock your imagination!


Vertaal deur Deon Maree

Niefiksie vir kinders

Druknaam: LAPA

Ouderdom:  9+



Become a soccer expert with this book that will teach you everything about soccer. The book contains all kinds of tips, statistics and other useful information that covers everything from the origins of soccer to the FIFA World Cup. Doel! is a must-have guide for anyone who wants to know everything about the world’s most popular game.

Learn to read: Level 1 (Tippie-series)

Jose Palmer and Reinette Lombard

Preschool fiction

Imprint: LAPA

Age: 5+


Ask any bookseller in South Africa: Week after week a little purple elephant finds itself on the Nielsen Best-seller lists in South Africa. These booklets by Reinette Palmer and Jose Palmer were so successful, that three of them were shortlisted for 2019 Sefika Awards.

Each story is unique, interesting and the text is always supported by colourful, engaging illustrations that will aid comprehension and, more importantly, an understanding of the sounds that are produced by certain letters.

The first, mega-selling, books were in Afrikaans. They could not be translated, for that would defeat the purpose of the stories being matched with sounds, words and pictures, so a completely new series has been developed and completed for young readers of English.

Tippie experiences modern-day adventures in each book whilst staying true to the typical phases of child development of the age group at which series is aimed.

Each book links certain sounds and letters to help self-confidence in reading. The first ten books in the series focus on short vowels, simple consonants, blends and sight words.

Titles in Level 1:

  1. Tippie and the cat 9780799396997
  2. Tippie and the hen (9780799397000)
  3. Tippie and Fin jig (9780799397017)
  4. Tippie the cop (9780799397024)
  5. Tippie and Mum (9780799397031)
  6. Tippie likes to rap (9780799397048)
  7. Tippie and the vet (9780799397055)
  8. Tippie and Fin swim (9780799397062)
  9. Tippie and the frog (9780799397079)
  10. Tippie and the bug (9780799397086)

Ou liefde nuwe liefde

Malene Breytenbach

Druknaam: LAPA




After losing her job and her boyfriend, independent Kristin starts her own business with her neighbour, Ryno. He’s always been like a brother to her, but she soon realises she might want him as a life partner too …

Liefde vir ’n liefling

Didi Potgieter

Druknaam: Romanza




To the world, Tilla Jonker is the Parkers’ darling. To Sean Thomas, she’s just the signature on a cheque – a rich man’s daughter with too much money. Until Sean gets to know Tilla …

Onweerstaanbare vyand

Elize Davies

Druknaam: Romanza




Irma Delport grew up knowing that every Retief is the enemy of every Delport. If Dreyer just wasn’t so attractive and didn’t kiss so well …

’n Jakkals wat roep

Joléne de Koningh

Druknaam: Romanza




Between Inalien and Thysjan there is a history: Thysjan is unaware of it; Inalien is hyper-aware thereof. Is she going to forgive and forget? Perhaps – if she can only discover the truth first.


Judy Troskie

Druknaam: Romanza




Simoné loses her heart, next to the banks of the Olifants River, on warm-blooded Paul in whose veins nature beats. There where the Mopani trees dream and a broad-shouldered man can suddenly turn foreboding.

This post is also available in: Afrikaans


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