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This initiative is the ideal platform for every South African currently living abroad, but who would still like to stay in touch with his homeland.

Worldwide, an initiative of the civil rights organisation AfriForum, has already for the past six years offered an online home for South Africans that have established themselves abroad.

The initiative involves a website helping people to remain informed of news events in South Africa. Here you can also get reliable advice, simply enjoy each other’s company, share your experiences and tell more about the interesting places where you currently live and work.



Then Worldwide is the place for you!

Our Worldwide team has done proper research to determine what exactly is important for South Africans abroad and that is precisely why this information has been published on the website. This includes current local news and contributions such as photos and stories of South Africans living in interesting places on all four corners of the earth, as well as a World Guide that is unique in its own way.

This guide is also the place where South Africans abroad can do genuine South African shopping for products like biltong, Ouma rusks and traditional chutney. It even contains a database with the details of businesses and restaurants serving South African food, people offering assistance with financing, as well as the names of South African attorneys and doctors abroad.

The World Guide is aimed at helping people that are busy adjusting abroad to meet other South Africans while at the same time supporting their businesses. The interactive guide makes it possible for South Africans abroad to have their businesses included in the World Guide free of charge.

Worldwide also has a newsletter, Spotlight, to which you can subscribe free of charge. This newsletter contains, among others, news from the Afrikaans media outlet Maroela Media, the latest news on festivals and appearances abroad by well-known South African artists, as well as important information regarding citizenship, passports, tax and how to participate in the South African general election abroad.

In addition, Worldwide’s Facebook page is an extremely popular interactive hangout for all South Africans, locally and abroad.

Worldwide is continuously striving towards keeping South Africans up to date on the best gatherings abroad where you, your friends and family members can socialise and celebrate a shared heritage.

In the past couple of years we already approached various contributors and also made new Worldwide friends. Our partners include, among others, the following businesses: South African Events, Texas Potjie, Merise Media and Breytenbachs Immigration Consultants.

We are looking forward to continuing this tradition and we want to service all South African citizens to the best of our ability – regardless of where you find yourself.

Stay involved and informed of matters in South Africa.

Twitter: @wereldwyd

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