Come Home

The Come Home Campaign for returning South Africans

This campaign was launched in 2003 with the aim of assisting people who had left South Africa, but would like to or have to return. Free advice can be obtained on, amongst other subjects, citizenship issues, immigration documents, importing goods and pets, the evaluation of foreign qualifications, financial matters, driver’s licences and employment.

We prefer giving advice on an individual basis in order to take each remigrant’s unique personal circumstances into account, rather than providing general information that may not apply to you at all. All questions are welcome!

The Come Home Campaign unfortunately cannot provide financial support to remigrants. Migration is a personal choice for which an emigrant has to take responsibility him/herself. Make sure that the decision to leave South Africa or to return here, will be an informed choice, based on reliable information. AfriForum will also provide information in this regard on an ongoing basis.

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