The World Guide is the meeting place for South African businesses abroad. Each week, the Worldwide team selects one of the businesses in the guide to be in the Spotlight. This week it is René de Lange Homeware’s turn.

Art is food for the soul. The right type of artwork can change your mood and make you want to surround yourself with even more works of art. This is exactly how we feel if we look at René de Lange’s artworks.

René has been an artist from the moment she was born. She writes on her webpage that she would draw on her mother’s walls if she was left alone for too long. As she grew older, her love and passion for art developed further. This was also the road that she chose for herself after school, and she completed an MA degree at the Royal School of Art.

René is a great follower of the philosophy of wabi-sabi: To find beauty in that which is imperfect, temporary or incomplete. To have fun goes hand in hand with art creation, and René believes that the energy and happiness that she uses to create her art are transferred to her clients’ homes.

Decorate your world and treat yourself to a few works of art from René’s collection. There are only 30 prints of each artwork, making it even more unique!

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