Worldwide’s World Guide is one of a kind! Our guide is filled to the brim with proudly South African businesses abroad. You can get your favourite South African products and at the same time you support a business in South African ownership in your area. Each week we at Worldwide select one business to appear in the Spotlight – this week it is Saffaland.

Saffaland makes T-shirts with punchy genuine South African quips. You feel right at home the moment you pull the shirt over your head and now you can wear your pride on your sleeve. Saffaland’s T-shirts are made of high-quality material to ensure you can wear it for many years to come.

Saffaland offers free courier services in the USA, but they ship their shirts across the globe!

Saffaland describes itself as follows:

 “SAFFALAND?” you may ask. South Africans are widely known as ‘Saffas’ and they make any place in the world their home. Saffaland is somewhere between South Africa and the great beyond, wherever you find yourself. Saffaland is found in our South African culture.

Saffaland T-shirts aim to pull your heart strings … to remind you of the love for our country, our culture and our Afrikaans language. Enjoy every moment of nostalgy, pleasantry or banter when you wear this T-shirt.

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