LAPA proudly brings you a gripping novel on farm attacks and for the younger ones we have three booklets on Covid-19, one in Xhosa, one in Zulu and one in Afrikaans. These are available in English as well, and we provide the links.


The Farm

Max Annas

Crime Fiction

Imprint: Catalyst Press



Somewhere in South Africa, another farm comes under heavy attack. No shooters in sight. Only one thing is certain: The attackers are savagely resolute and there is a fair number of them, armed to the teeth.

A diverse group of people barricade themselves inside the farmhouse: women, men, and children; bosses and workers; black and white; a police officer; random visitors, a courier guy that happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Who is the target of the attack? What has motivated it? Politics? Revenge? Greed? Weapons?

Who are these snipers, trying to operate in the dark of night? Who will die, who will survive? Who is pulling the strings? Who will be the winners, who will be the losers?

This tense, gripping thriller sketches a truly South African scene. It is dark and relevant. Innocent people die. The not-so-innocent too.

Max Annas now lives in his native Germany, but he spent many years in South Africa. This book shows his deep appreciation for the complex nature of farm attacks.

Agter grendels

Erla-Mari Diedericks


Druknaam: Wenkbrou


When a well-known photographer gets locked down with beautiful ex, the sparks ought to fly. She tries to convince herself that lockdown also means her heart is out of bounds, but time has a way of dealing with hearts. Thanks to Covid-19, time is all they have. Lots of it.


Due to Covid-19 there was a delay in getting books to stores. LAPA is happy to announce that these books have now been shipped. Soon they will be at your favourite bookshop. Do order yours so long!

Kanaän, Sophia Kapp, Historiese roman, 9780799399455,

As dit voel soos liefde, Didi Potgieter, Romanse, 9780799399424

Skadumagte, Malene Breytenbach, Krimi, 9780799396058

Die klein boek van fantastiese feite, Fanie Viljoen, 9780799389340

Die klein boek van gruwelike geheime, Fanie Viljoen, 9780799389463

Die klein boek van katastrofiese kattekwaad, Fanie Viljoen, 9780799389784

Die klein boek van reuserekords, Fanie Viljoen, 9780799391282


Weet hoe met wetenskap

Robert Winston


Ouderdom: 9+



Weet hoe met wetenskap will teach you how to make impressive insulating gloves, stunning spaghetti towers, and has many more wonderful activities! Simple, easy-to-follow, photographic steps guide young readers through each experiment, along with essential tips and engaging facts.



LAPA is proud to make available three free booklets for kids to learn more about Covid-19. One is available in Afrikaans, the other in Xhosa and Zulu. Both are also available in English – we provide the links.

Coronavirus – a book for children

Written by Elizabeth Jenner, Kate Wilson and Nia Roberts

Illustrations: Axel Scheffler

This is a FREE digital information book for primary school age children to help explain the coronavirus and the measures taken to control it.

It can downloaded by following this link to the illustrator’s website:

Tippy Mask



Tippie wants you to be safe during COVID-19! The well-known and beloved Tippie character is printed on this mask. It can be purchased from various bookstores.


Romanza turns 15 in June. To celebrate, LAPA has re-released our first four Romanzas.

Op soek na ’n held

Chanette Paul

Druknaam: Romanza

Kiara, a romance author, has no money, her car is a wreck, her Persian cat, Skat, constantly embarrasses her, and she can’t seem to envision the perfect hero for her fiery heroine.  Until she meets him.

’n Perfekte paartjie

Kristel Loots


Philip Marais is successful and very busy. Time is money and money is important as he, unlike his father, wants to be a good provider for his family. But Nandi wants more from him- she wants a father for Buks and a warm body in her bed at night.

Die Ier se ultimatum

Nelia Engelbrecht


Hy lyk soos ’n Keltiese kryger en aanvaar nie “nee” vir ’n antwoord nie

Brian O’Connor is a man who knows what he wants and how to get it. He wraps every woman around his little finger, but has never lost his heart – until he meets Misha Malan.

’n Man vir Mia

Vita du Preez


Rob is a womanizer. Everyone says it’s going to be his downfall. He decides that Mia should work for him and she’s determined not to get involved. But that’s easier said than done.

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