#MeToo and other boiling topics in October
The month of October is quite an accomplishment for LAPA Publishers. Not only do we introduce Armand Aucamp in his Naked Chef apparel in a book endorsed by Tim Noakes, we also look beyond his bare feet in the kitchen and ask: Are women really nasty?
We are proud to bring you Sophia Kapp’s exceptional novel about the identity of being a woman in modern-day South and, in partnership with Imbali Academic & Trade Publishers, we offer you the collection of essays Nasty women talk back and The saxon wolves, a novel about being a woman in Britain shortly after the fall of the Roman Empire. Also from Europe, we have Marita van der Vyver’s memoires on being a woman, mother and author who understands what being “grabbed” means.
Martin Steyn, who is rapidly becoming known elsewhere in the world, brings us another crime novel, set in Cape Town, in which he explores poverty and human rights while making the reader turn the pages to see what will happen next?
As always, the young ones have plenty to enjoy too!
We are proud to bring entertainment to the whole family.


Kantelpunt; Hipomnemata van ’n konvensionele, middeljarige wit, Afrikaanse vrou
Sophia Kapp

A big turning point in Nellie van der Merwe’s (Petronella Jacoba van Aarde) life comes when she undergoes a hysterectomy. This changes the way she views herself in the philosophical sense of being a woman. She finally musters the courage to voice her opinion on what her marriage, family, extended family, place of employment, church and society expected her to be. This novel is a combination of her thoughts, ideologies, philosophy and newly accumulated insights into the life of a singular personality. No one and no institution is spared when Nellie finds her voice.

Martin Steyn

Warrant-Officer Enzo Ariefdien is faced with his worst nightmare. To him solving a murder is easier; you know the victim is dead. Solving an abduction, where a ransom is demanded, puts him under extreme pressure to find the missing child of an influential American family. Time is the enemy. As with his previous novels, Steyn’s research is impeccable and, while this is a classic crime thriller, he yet again asks questions about human rights.

The Saxon Wolves
Penny Ingham

Imprint: Imbali Academic & Trade Publishers
Britain 455 AD. The Roman Empire has fallen. As the daughter of a king and a priestess of the sacred grove, Anya’s life in Germania is one of wealth and privilege — until she dares to speak out against the high priest’s barbaric human sacrifices. Her punishment is exile. Forced to leave her homeland, she sails to Britannia, to an island that is sliding into chaos and war, as rival kingdoms vie for power. Alone and far from home, Anya must learn to survive amidst the bloodshed, treachery and intrigue of fifth-century Britain.
This book provides a glimpse in to what Europe looked like shortly after the Roman Empire lost its grip on what was called the “Known World”. Christianity was rare, and somewhat frowned upon. Bloodshed was common and women had no say in whom they were allowed to marry; or not.
Anya, an intelligent red head, found herself at times haunted, other times hunted and often-times entrapped. Only her wit could outsmart the enemy, but what happened when brute, testosterone-driven force meant more than brains? You would want to read the end.
LAPA has signed an agreement with Imbali to help market these books. Eventually we will distribute them as well, but at present all queries, including requests for marketing copies, may be send to Ute Späth, Director: Customer Service, Sales and Marketing. Her address: ute@imbaliacademic.co.za


Armand kook kaal
Armand Aucamp
Kookboek (Volkleur)

Prof Tim Noakes says about Armand kook kaal: “Unquestionably one of the very best low carb recipe books available anywhere in the world. Beautifully presented and easy to follow. The dishes look delicious and overwhelmingly inviting. Armand Aucamp has taken low carb cooking to another level in South Africa.”

Retoer, Pretoria – Provence
Marita van der Vyver

We fell in love with Marita van der Vyver when she wrote stories like Griet skryf ‘n sprokie, Die ongelooflike avonture van Hanna Hoekom and Dit is koue kos, skat. Finally Marita tells her own story. She speaks of her journey from living in a small town, to working in Pretoria and finally settling in Provence, France. Retoer is a collection of her own anecdotes, stories and essays on her life and development as a writer, mother and wife in a time when some men still think a woman may be “grabbed”.

Nasty Women Talk Back
Joy Watson & Amanda Gouws (editors)

Women, womyn & womxn: Are they really nasty?
This collection contains humour and pathos; it an easy read, despite being academically grounded and completely relevant. Wonderful doodles at the start of each essay soften the page. This is a want-to-read book on an extremely important topic.
In South Africa the Fallist movement became an extremely important platform to discuss gender, while #metoo has become a global phenomenon. Ashanti Kunene, a Fallist-leader, is one of the contributors.
Other essays include “Pussies are not for grabbing” (Joy Watson), “My arms are tired of holding this sign” (Amanda Gouws), “Oh, no you can’t go to heaven in a broke down car” (Anastasia Slamat), “I’m with her” (Zama Khanyile), “To Womb it may concern” (Christi van der Westhuizen), “Womb with a (very strong) view” (Helen Moffet) and “Diary of an Indian woman” (Aarti Narse); but there are many more – twenty eight in total.
The idea for the collection was born, cradled and nurtured between friends who wanted to create a space for writing and thinking about the women’s marches. The group of feminists who contributed to this collection used the marches and the posters inspired by the marches as a vehicle which galvanised women into action to put pen to paper and show fervour for ongoing feminist activism. The nexus of this beautifully written and evocatively illustrated collection is telling narratives that link very personal stories with deeply political issues. These are the stories told by nasty women who are making the personal political, who are seeking to live their lives in ways that resist and challenge patriarchy. Through their very intimate nature these are stories that speak to the creation of a different kind of social order, one based on equity, the promotion of human rights and social justice.
The presidential campaign in the USA grabbed the global imagination. It also grabbed the feminist imagination, presenting the hope that if a woman could become the president of the USA, women throughout the world would finally break through the reinforced glass ceiling. However, when it didn’t happen, the lost opportunity became the metaphorical kick in the feminist gut on a global scale. Through the subsequent misogyny, vulgarity, lewd comments, the pussy-grabbing video, and the threats of the erosion of feminist activism in the trenches, worldwide a deep mourning arose from the feminist community. It was the name calling of “nasty women” that really smarted. Initial feelings of anger gave rise to empowerment of women — those who talk back to patriarchy — to embrace the label of “nasty women”.
LAPA has signed an agreement with Imbali to help market these books. Eventually we will distribute them as well, but at present all queries, including requests for marketing copies, may be send to Ute Späth, Director: Customer Service, Sales and Marketing. Her address: ute@imbaliacademic.co.za

Lag sonder grense
Ian Wessels

So, there is this radio presenter, a book and 100 jokes in it… This is not a joke, but wait until you hear the 100 punch lines. Ian Wessels does it again. He continues his love for laughs with a new book, Lag sonder grense. He is a well-known radio personality on RSG (Radio Sonder Grense) and he stops at nothing to make you laugh at all of humanity.

 Children and Young Adults

Jock van die Bosveld en ander ware dierestories
Wendy Maartens
Illustrasies: Alex van Houwelingen
Ouderdom: 7+

Wendy Maartens introduces the reader to much-loved and famous animals from all over. From the Jock of the bushveld to Just Nuisance and Gregory Peck, the penguin. These stories inspire and create awareness for the bravery and chivalry of animals.

Bianca se briljante biblioteekdag
Joseph Coelho
Illustrasies: Fiona Lumbers
Ouderdom: 3+

On a weekly basis Bianca and her father visit the library to explore the wonder of books. This is a time and place where they mend their relationship as father and daughter. On this brilliant day at the library Bianca and her father read a beautiful story that helps her to overcome a difficult personal issue. You are invited to read it with her.

Big Bear
Wendy Hartmann
Illustrations: Zinelda McDonald
9780799389203 (English)

The first time Sarah saw Big Bear was on a school outing. He looked just like Mr T, her teddy, only much, much bigger. Big Bear looked sad. So Sarah started talking to him. “Don’t be sad,” she said softly. “I’m here.” She told him he was not alone. She told him not to worry and she told him secrets that nobody else knew.
When Sarah went home that afternoon, there were suitcases and boxes in the hallway. She heard angry voices. Then Daddy drove away in his car.
“Don’t worry, darling,” Mum said. “You and I are going to be just fine.”
That night Sarah couldn’t sleep. What happened next? Someone climbed through her window! “Don’t be sad,” said a soft voice. “I’m here.”
There was Big Bear! Soon they were having loads of adventures together!
Big Bear is a proudly South African book. It is a sensitive, moving story about a child’s experience of divorce and loss, as well as the wonderful healing power of the imagination and stories.

Helde van Suid-Afrika 3
Wendy Maartens
Illustrasies: Alex van Houwelingen

This is the third book in the series. Helde van Suid Afrika 3 tells the story of heroes on South African Soil. You can read about the floods in Laingsburg, Wollie the Maltese Poodle, Desmond Tutu our much-loved arch, learn about a small boy who crossed war territories barefoot, Enoch Sontonga who wrote “Nkosi sikelel’ iAfrika” and Emilie Lehn who was born into slavery in Cape Town. This is a wonderful way to remember the heroes of our past and to educate youngsters on bravery and goodwill.

Kieme: Boosaardige bakterieë, woeste virusse en vieslike fungusse
Steve Mould

Everything you need to know about germs, viruses, microbes and bacteria in one book. It is a playful way to introduce children to the unseen world of microbiology.

Speurder Annika Omnibus
Elmarie Botes
Illustrasies: Kobus Faber & Johann Strauss

A collection of stories about the well-loved sleuth, investigator Annika. Five of her stories will keep the little readers busy for hours to try while they try to solve mysteries with her.

Zackie Mostert Omnibus 2
Jaco Jacobs
Illustrasies: Alex van Houwelingen

This is second collection of stories from our award-winning author Jaco Jacobs in the Zackie Mostert series. Zackie’s adventures will keep every little reader fixed to the pages.


Logika van die liefde
Marilé Cloete

Emmerentia is a survivor of breast cancer. She is still fragile and finds the road to recovery a very difficult slope. She crosses paths with a young scientist, Brent, who is on his own road of healing after a childhood tragedy has changed his life. Thanks to Emmerentia’s father their paths cross more and more until they learn to grasp the other’s reality better.

Alma Carstens

Simoné is done with men, but she is still a hot-blooded woman with desires. Even though she doesn’t like Tristan Lindeque, he ticks all her boxes and fits perfectly into her plan. Will he agree to become her lover and accept all her conditions?

Die meisie langsaan
Nellie Alberts

Liebert is great husband material. He has a sense of humour, ambition, honesty, infinite patience and a soft heart. But he is not meant for Adamia, because she knows him too well. So, she enters him into a Boer-Soek-Vrou competition. Suddenly she also wants to participate!

Vir ’n oomblik, vir altyd
Ciska Olivier
Guan van Wyk gaan haar nie om sy pinkie draai nie, besluit Anita. Sy is van ’n sterker stoffasie gemaak. Die man is ’n vleier, haar buurman en haar baas. Sy moet verbyhou. Sjoe, maar daardie oë …
* * *
Guan van Wyk will not wrap her around his finger, Anita decides. She is stronger than this. The man is a flirt, her neighbour and her boss. She must resist. Wow, but those eyes …

’n Geur vir elke vrou
Ida Bester

Theana’s boss asked her to head-hunt the perfume maker Jean-Luc for their business. She is lucky to meet him on her flight. And again in France. But are these meetings with Jean-Luc serendipity, planned or fate?

Held op ’n Harley
Corné van Rooyen
E-Pub @ LAPA Uitgewers:

The novella: Leah sees men on motorcycles as bad boys and not the type of man she is attracted to. But Tristan on his Harley accelerates her heartbeat and his smile makes her weak at the knees.
The bonus short story: Wild Sara is getting married. It’s not every day that Sonika’s small town experiences something so exciting, but she has a dilemma. The invitation clearly states: Mrs Ellis and companion. How will it look like when she arrives alone at the wedding?

Haar vir-altyd-minnaar
Ildé Grové
E-Pub @ LAPA Uitgewers:

The novella: A man and his silver motorbike. Dangerously attractive. Who, with a mere gaze and easy touch makes Chandré feel emotions she believed have long been dead and buried.
The bonus short story: Every Sunday morning, Gert Jonker’s evil deeds are discussed by the congregation’s women. Now Petra sits in his kitchen on a rainy evening. What will the women say about this?

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